EV Maximiser Review
EV Maximiser Review: Is EV Maximiser Worth the Money?

EV Maximiser is Mike Cruickshank’s premier calculator for casino offers.

Mike is the brains behind Profit Maximiser and a range of other products too. He came up with this solution to meet the growing demand for an accurate casino EV calculator.

We have two questions for you:

Did you know that you could work out the average profitability (Expected Value/EV) of a casino offer before you even deposit to complete it?

Did you know that simple EV calculators out there aren’t accurate? In fact, they’re not even close.

No? Okay, that’s a third question.

We’ll explain all in this EV Maximiser review.

The best matched betting sites
The Best Matched Betting Sites 2022 – Our Top Picks Reviewed

What is the best matched betting site?

We’re looking to settle that debate once and for all, with this comprehensive and in-depth matched betting site comparison.

In fact…

We’re fairly confident that it will be one of the most in-depth comparisons on this subject that you’ll find anywhere on the internet in 2020.

Read on to find out what we think of the best free matched betting sites and the best paid ones too. 

Honest Review of Profit Accumulator
Profit Accumulator Review 2022: Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

We get TONNES of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

For those of you looking for an honest review, look no further.

We completely understand why so many people ask for it:

It can be really tough making decisions online with your money these days, especially when many people are worried that matched betting is a con.

There are plenty of other Profit Accumulator reviews out there, but when a large number of those sites earn money by convincing you to join the company, can you be certain that they can be trusted?

We wanted to provide the most detailed, in-depth and honest post possible for anyone wondering if Profit Accumulator ltd are any good.

That’s exactly what we’ve done here.

Read through to the end and remember to reach your own conclusions, everything you read here is simply our opinion based on testing and experience.

RebelBetting Review
RebelBetting Review 2022: Everything You Need To Know

RebelBetting is an interesting piece of software. Split into three different products, its’ Sure Betting arm is perhaps the most well known.

The company has bold claims about its ability to make money, promising a steady profit every month with no (or very little) risk.

Is this the best arbitrage software available?

Not content with only one product, RebelBetting also offer Value Betting software. It aims to stack the odds back in your favour and beat the bookies using probability.

Their cheapest product is Matched Betting. With a lot of competition in this software category, how does RebelBetting compare?

We’ll discuss everything RebelBetting has to offer in this honest review.

eWallets for Matched Betting
Best eWallets for Matched Betting 2022

If you’ve just got started with matched betting, you’ll probably be using your debit card for depositing with various bookmakers and exchanges.

You may have experienced a few inconveniences with this already; slow transfers, blocked transactions and a lack of activity tracking to name a few.

For this in-depth guide we will go through details of the best eWallets and whether you need one for matched betting.

Profit Maximiser Review Honest Review
Profit Maximiser Review 2022: Our Honest Thoughts

Profit Maximiser was the first complete matched betting service online.

Their aim was simple:

They wanted to find all of the offers that were being posted to bookmakers and casinos, and then provide step-by-step instructions to teach users how to make a profit from them.

But just because they were the first, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are automatically the best

In this honest Profit Maximiser review, we look at whether the product deserves to be called one of the best matched betting sites of the year.

Oddsmonkey Review 2022: The Review Their Competition Don’t Want You to See

It seems that we sparked a little bit of excitement when we posted our review of Profit Accumulator

Because of this, we thought it was only fair to review their biggest competitor…

As you should have come to expect with Beating Betting, you will find zero bullsh** in this Oddsmonkey review.

We don’t beat around the bush, only providing honest facts in order to help you make an informed opinion on the best matched betting site for you.

Please note: 

There are a number of fake review sites out there, spreading incorrect statements in an attempt to get attention and income.

You can always trust that we’re real people that have really used all products that we review in depth.

So, with that in mind, do you want to hear our honest review of Oddsmonkey?

Find out how we review the service, and how we made £1,403.50 (with photo evidence!) on just one low-risk offer in this post. 

Bonus Chum review
Bonus Chum Review: Is it Worth the Money?

Bonus Chum is software that was made by Daniel White in 2015 after he was unsatisfied with the number of features available on existing simulators and he decided to make his own.

It was one of the first fully fledged casino simulators to hit the market and has been the inspiration for other casino simulator software.

Today we are going to take an in-depth look at Bonus Chum to see if its still the daddy of all casino simulators.

Our Honest Thoughts Revealed
Profit Squirrel Review: Our Honest Thoughts Revealed

Profit Squirrel is one of the newer faces on the matched betting scene.

They’ve gathered a lot of attention in a short space of time, thanks mainly to — what appears to us, at least — their large social media advertising budget.

It can be hard to avoid seeing a Profit Squirrel advert when browsing Facebook at times!

Because of the huge rise in demand for people looking for their service, we thought it would only be fair to our readers to offer an in-depth and unbiased Profit Squirrel review. 

Each Way Sniper Review
Each Way Sniper Review: Will it Make You Money?

In this review of Each Way Sniper, we’ll be looking at:

Whether the software is a profitable investment…

The benefits and drawbacks of the system…

…and how it compares to its competition.

As always here on Beating Betting, we’ve gone in-depth with this Each Way Sniper review, so it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy our honest assessment.