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Beginner Lessons

What is matched betting & how do you do it?

If you're completely new to all of this, start right here. It will teach you the basics; what it is and how to do it - including a real world example.

Reload offers: life after sign-ups

It's a common question, "how do you continue earning once the sign-up offers are complete?" This post explains all.

How much can you make?

The amount people can earn completely depends on a few factors. We explore those here & outline how much you could hope to make.

What is lay betting?

One of the most important aspects of making money here is the 'lay' bet. Don't fear, it's not too complex to be worried about. 

Arbing & arbitrage betting guide

Arbitrage betting almost goes hand-in-hand with matching your bets. We teach you what it is & whether it's worth it or not.

What does gubbed mean

This post explains one of the few risks associated with matching your bets & gives tips on how to stop it happening to you.

Advanced Lessons

How to matched bet casino offers

Casino offers can be extremely lucrative if you know how to get an edge. Beginners beware; this involves some high variance strategies!

How to do matched accumulator bets

Acca insurance gives us the ability to turn the odds in our favour; making profitable plays to generate consistent long-term earnings.

Extra places and how to do them

The 'extra place' each way bet is special. Rather than consistent smaller earnings, these typically result in less frequent huge wins.

Featured Reviews

The best matched betting sites

If you want to get serious about your profit levels then you will probably need to join a premium community. We compare our favourites here.

Profit Accumulator review

Profit Accumulator's rise coincided with the industry boom. They have the biggest community, but are they the best site for you?

Oddsmonkey review

Oddsmonkey built on the rising popularity of the industry & developed tools that no-one else was offering at a low cost. But how do they compete today?

Betfair Trading

Betfair trading for beginners

If you're interested in learning about Betfair trading, how to get started with it & basics techniques too, this is your place to start.

Caan Berry review

Caan Berry is one of the most well-known names in the world of sports trading. We've taken a look at his advanced video pack training course.

Betfair trading on horse racing

This guide teaches you how to back & lay horse odds like you're trading stocks; attempting to make profit regardless of a race outcome.


Best poker HUDs

This 6,000+ word comparison review compares 4 HUDs in great detail, giving you a suitable option depending on your experience & hardware.

How to win at poker

Want to learn to beat the game of no-limit hold'em? It's not easy, but this guide will give you a range of tips to point you in the right direction.

Poker knockout tournament strategy

Knockout tournaments have a variety of different factors to consider when compared with a regular no-limit hold'em tournament.


Fantasy Premier League beginner guide

This hugely popular guide & infographic has guided many a team from the depths of giving up 5 weeks in to high rankings & winning leagues.

Best betting tipsters

Betting tipsters, for the most part, must be some of the biggest con artists around. We reveal why this is & how you can find a good one.

Football betting tips

You won't find a more detailed free football betting guide on the planet. 6,000+ words of unrivalled awesomeness.

Beating Betting

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We founded Beating Betting (formerly known as Guide to Matched Betting) in order to help both new and experienced matched bettors extract more value and more profit from greedy bookmakers. What we teach is the only way to beat the bookies for certain – extremely low risk, huge rewards. Did you know that earning £2k-per-month with our free advice is the equivalent of a £30,000 salary (or even more if it takes your total income above £43,000!) due to it being tax-free.

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