EV Maximiser Review: Is EV Maximiser Worth the Money in 2024?

EV Maximiser Review

EV Maximiser is Mike Cruickshank’s premier calculator for casino offers.

Mike is the brains behind Profit Maximiser and a range of other products too. He came up with this solution to meet the growing demand for an accurate casino EV calculator.

We have two questions for you:

Did you know that you could work out the average profitability (Expected Value/EV) of a casino offer before you even deposit to complete it?

Did you know that simple EV calculators out there aren’t accurate? In fact, they’re not even close.

No? Okay, that’s a third question.

We’ll explain all in this EV Maximiser review.

What is EV Maximiser & How Does it Work?

EV Maximiser is an advanced calculator for casino offers that allows you to accurately work out whether a slots bonus will be profitable or not.

Within the software you set all of the details for the offer you are going to complete – and this is where it really differs from regular casino offer calculators that you will find online.

You set the deposit amount, the bonus amount, the wagering requirement as you normally would on these types of calculators…

However, you then also add the slot you’ll be using and the stake size too.

You can even set whether you will be attempting to double up on blackjack beforehand (caution: many casinos no longer allow this).

EV Maximiser will then run through the calculations via a simulation of 100,000 spins on the slot you chose.

This allows it to give highly accurate numbers and an Estimated Value of the profit or loss you should receive, on average, over the future of completing offers of this type.

Not only will it show you the profit and loss, but it also shows you the Bust Rate (the percentage of times you will bust out of this offer) and the time it should take you on average to complete wagering (this includes busting out).

You can then alter the stake size and the slot to find an option that best fits your needs – whether you want higher EV or less chance of busting out. Everyone has different needs and a different amount of free time available on any given day after all.

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Why Aren’t EV Calculators Accurate?

On most casino EV calculators, you will input three things:

  • Your deposit + the bonus
  • The wagering requirement
  • The ‘house edge’ i.e. the RTP (Return to Player %) of the slot you’re using

Now, we’ve got a few reasons why this throws the calculations way off from being accurate.

Firstly, a calculator like this would only work out how much you would win or lose on average after completing wagering. For example:

Let’s say you’ve got a 100% up to £100 match offer, with 35x deposit + bonus wagering requirement.

We’ll choose a random slot that has 96% RTP, which is quite typical of the slots you would choose for these offers.

Casino Calculator for Bonuses

The calculation shows the EV of this offer to be -£180, and therefore not profitable.


Have you spotted the glaring error in this calculation?

It’s something we actually missed for a long time ourselves, and it’s also something the vast majority of matched bettors still miss today…

Not got it yet?

It’s simple:

How can we possibly lose £180 on an offer where we’ve only deposited £100?

The truth is: the calculation can’t be right. And it’s not right.

Simple calculators are unable to factor in the fact you can bust out of offers.

The calculation also doesn’t factor in your stake, or spin size. Upping your stakes vastly increases your chances of a bust out, but also increases the EV of an offer.

Busting out more frequently also means you spend less time overall completing the offers, but actually make more profit in the long run.

The choice of slot matters too; the RTP is important, but also extremely important is the variance of these slots – this can’t be quantified in a regular calculator, but it’s factored into EV Max.

If we run those same numbers through EV Maximiser…

Casino Calculator EV Maximiser

…we see this actual offer would have an EV of £33.80 and actually be profitable when using £5 spins on a high variance slot!

The 90.6% bust rate would be a little daunting for most, but it shows the power that this calculator has to generate an exact figure based on an actual simulation of slots. This simulation takes about 10 seconds to complete 100,000 spins.

For those of you that aren’t as risk-averse, the offer above would actually be -EV using £1 spins, with an EV of -£7.87.

It just goes to show you the important of being able to change your stake when calculating EV, let alone factoring in all of the other things.

Pros of EV Maximiser

Calculation of Time

Whilst time taken isn’t a matter of a calculation being incorrect, it’s something that EV Maximiser will tell you.

This is useful, because an offer might have an EV of £30 with a bust rate of 75%, which isn’t too bad. But if it’s going to take you 2000 minutes, or 33.33 hours, to complete this offer, then there’s no real value in that. It’s just not worth your time.

A regular casino calculator wouldn’t inform you of this fact.

Accurate Calculations of Profitability

Many people are put off slot offers because the calculator they use is overly simple and therefore can’t highlight ways to make them profitable.

Having an accurate figure simulated in EV Maximiser is the tool’s biggest strength.

Bust Rate 

Being able to see the bust rate – or how many times you will likely bust out on the offer before making a profit – is an absolute dream.

So many times in the past we thought we were just unlucky when we were on a losing run…

But it’s not true.

It’s not unlucky. It’s EXPECTED!

Most good slot offers will have a bust rate of somewhere between 60-80%.

This means you will probably bust offers multiple times before you hit a big win to help balance out EV.

When you are doing these casino offers, it’s important to track EV as well as your profits and loss, so you can see how you’re faring compared to where the maths say you should be.


The ability to customise slot offers is also great.

You have the option to set whether you’re completing a regular offer, an offer with a ‘sticky’ bonus (where you can only withdraw the profit), free spins and more is really useful.

But the most useful thing is being able to see how much EV is improved with a blackjack double up – if permitted in the casino’s terms and conditions.

Seeing the profitability and bust rates change depending on spin size is also an extremely powerful feature that is massively overlooked by the majority of matched betting sites.

Slot Details Listed

For many of the most popular slots around, the RTP and variance are readily available in a large list that is posted on the EV Maximiser.

This means you don’t need to go trawling the internet for help with your calculations – you can just input the data straight from the site.

Cons of EV Maximiser

Looks Outdated

This is a similar theme with the products from this company – they all look very outdated.

However, they also all provide a serious amount of value.

It’s very much ‘function over form’ for products from Mike Cruickshank and we have some respect for that.

Not Mobile-Friendly

It would be nice if the tool was a little easier to use on mobile devices, but this again goes back to the pointer above – it just all seems slightly outdated in its design.

Could List More Slots

There are a good range of slots listed on the EV Maximiser site, which helps you to easily identify the RTP and variance of the game in question.

However, it would be great if they could list even more!


Overall, we would absolutely recommend the EV Maximiser to anyone looking to make a serious go of casino offers for matched betting.

It costs £49.99 + VAT (£59.98 in total) and is a one-off payment.

The best deal can be found here.

We award the product a rating of 4.4 stars.

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About the Author

This post was written by Luke Jordan. Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of 2016 and ran the site until February 2020. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation.

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3 thoughts on “EV Maximiser Review: Is EV Maximiser Worth the Money in 2024?

  1. Dan Dean says:

    Hi Luke,

    Brilliant review but I just wanted to ask, how does EV Maximiser differ from the tools with Profit Maximiser? Can it really help increase my profits from the casinos? Or is it roughly the same.


    1. Luke says:

      EV Maximiser essentially means you can calculate your own EV. It is strictly a detailed calculator that allows you to input variables (deposit, spin size, slot of choice etc.).

      It means you can work out offers that aren’t on PM (the main thing in this area would be email invite offers) to see if they’re profitable. You can test to see if they’re more or less profitable in other ways. You can check to see how profitable they are if you’d prefer a lower bust rate than the one PM recommends – or even a higher one if you have the bank to accommodate.

      Without a calculator like this, you simply wouldn’t know how profitable an offer was or how likely you’d be to lose your deposit.

      The two services very much go hand-in-hand.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi, this is a really useful review. One question I can’t find an answer anywhere – It takes a huge amount of time to wager through the required amount most times and not all sites show the progress of wagering. How do I keep track of slot bets and how to make it faster? Few hours to win 20 pounds in most cases even less is just not worth my time..

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