RebelBetting Review 2019: Everything You Need To Know

RebelBetting is an interesting piece of software. Split into three different products, its’ Sure Betting arm is perhaps the most well known.

The company has bold claims about its ability to make money, promising a steady profit every month with no (or very little) risk.

Is this the best arbitrage software available?

Not content with only one product, RebelBetting also offer Value Betting software. It aims to stack the odds back in your favour and beat the bookies using probability.

We’ll discuss everything RebelBetting has to offer in this honest review.

Sure Betting

Sure Betting, also known as arbitrage, is the technique of covering all outcomes of an event so you win irrespective of the result.

If we use a tennis match as an example…

By betting on Player A to win but also Player B to win we’ll stand to make a profit whoever takes the win.

In addition to this, the invention of betting exchanges makes it easier. This is because you can place lay bets, meaning you can bet against something to happen.

Imagine placing a bet on Manchester United to win at the bookmaker and another bet on Manchester United not to win at an exchange.  

How is this all possible?

Bookmakers have a hard time making sure all their odds are in line with their competitors. This discrepancy in odds means there is value to be had. 

By dividing up your desired stake profit can be taken without needing to know the winner. 

This all sounds good but there’s a lot of leg work involved with finding sure bet opportunities. In fact, it’s very difficult. That’s where RebelBetting’s Sure Betting software comes in.


If you like the idea of sure betting then the first thing you will probably be wondering about is the price. 

There are three different prices on offer based on the duration of your subscription.

A monthly subscription to Sure Betting costs a hefty €129. This does seem like a lot, especially when you compare it to software from other matched betting companies, but can it offer additional profits to account for this higher price tag?

There is also a lesser version of Sure Betting called RebelBetting Lite, which costs €59 a month, although this comes with limitations. 

The Pro version includes a high limit bet broker, betting exchanges and supports horse racing, which the Lite version does not.

Also, it will only show bets that have been available for 30 minutes or more. These bets are still active but arbs only have a certain lifespan before they get corrected on a bookmaker’s site. 

If you want to get a feel for the software they do offer a free trial. This allows you to see the full appearance of the software but limits the arbs available to a 1% return.

This means you can only profit up to 1% of your total stake for each bet you make. Due to this, the free trial is great for getting a feel for the software but is unlikely to make you too much money (a 1% ROI is all you can achieve).

How To Use The Sure Betting Software

It’s really simple to download Sure Betting. The RebelBetting website is very easy to use and there is all the information you need about the main features of each product.

When you launch the product you are met with this home screen. 

Also included is a help screen when you log in for the first time. We’ll talk more about the learning materials later in this article.

The main portion of your screen is the list of available bets at that current time. RebelBetting is constantly searching for sure bet opportunities. This is the main reason you will be using this software and it’s brilliant at finding arbitrage bets. 

The percentage on the left-hand side is the amount you can expect to make from each bet. For example, if you bet a total of £100 at 6.5% the most you can make will be £6.50.

This makes the profits sound relatively small but you can see how many bets there are and the screen scrolls down a long way. 

The idea is to take small consistent profits and continually build your bankroll. It will soon start to add up.

Next to the percentage, you have the event you will be betting on. You’ll probably notice that there is a fair bit of duplication. 

This is because there are bets on the same event but in different markets and with different bookmakers. 

The types are as follows:

LAY – You are backing at a bookmakers and laying at an exchange

AH – Asian Handicap market

OU – Over and under market

While this may seem confusing it is simply telling you what market you are betting on. 

You don’t need to have any sporting knowledge to make money on RebelBetting!

The final columns along the right-hand side are the individual bets you will be placing. Each sure bet will require you to place between two and three bets at different bookmakers.

Now, this is where the arbitrage software comes into its own. Once you click on one of these arbs, the ‘Arb details’ panel that’s on the left-hand side updates. 

It runs through all the important information that you will need before deciding to place your sure bet. Including the age of the arb, sports, markets, reliability and warnings.

This particular bet carries a warning ‘risk for palpable error’ which means it might be an error by the bookmaker that has caused the difference in odds. 

You should be wary of this as bookmakers have it written into their terms and conditions that they can cancel your bets if this is the case. Potentially leaving your other bets in the market and causing you a loss.

It’s nice to see Rebelbetting incorporating this into their software. It’s about betting sensibly.

At the bottom of this panel, you have stake control. You simply input the total stake you are willing to use and it automatically calculates the bets you need to be placing. 

It also includes a feature that rounds bets up to the nearest whole number. We recommend using this feature as it helps to avoid detection. 

While it’s completely legal to make the most of these arbitrage bets, bookmakers don’t like it.

Placing Your Bets

Once you’ve found a bet that you like the look of the next thing to do is hit the blue play button in the top left corner. 

Doing that will open a page similar to this. 

RebelBetting will aim to open the bet from each bookmaker in the software. Even better than this, you can set up one-click betting.

If you go to ‘bookmaker set up’ under the options tab you can log into bookmaker accounts. By doing this here you will only have to enter your details once. Then when this screen loads up you will be automatically logged in and ready to place your bets. 

This is great for getting bets off quickly and frequently.

Another useful feature.

There are around 90 bookmakers that RebelBetting will search to find sure bets. Not all of them will be applicable to your country but you can see there’s always likely to be arbs available. 

We recommend that you keep the number of bookies use you to 10 or less when you are first starting. This keeps your money in the same places so you are not spreading your bankroll too thinly.

This is possible because RebelBetting is so customisable. 

You can filter the arbs you view by bookmaker, sport, market and percentage.

There is also an alerts feature. This can be set up to display notifications on-screen when they’re new arbs available over a certain percentage.

These will appear even when the arbitrage software is minimised. If you like the look of the arb you simply click on it and it takes you to the bet.

Sound alerts can also be set up. Arbs only tend to be around for a short time. This feature is important so that you don’t miss a good value sure bet. 

It can be left to run in the background while you get on with other work.

Hopefully, this gives you a pretty good insight into the features of the sure bet software.

We were very impressed by everything RebelBetting has to offer. The user interface looks great and contains all the necessary information you need to start arbitrage betting.

Learning Materials

When you get a new piece of software it’s tempting to jump straight in and give it a go. There’s nothing wrong with that but there might be some features you’re missing out on.

There’s also bound to be at least one occasion where you’re unsure how to do something.

That’s why we think it’s important that software comes with decent materials to help you learn.

When RebelBetting loads up for the first time you are shown a getting started tab. This is always available by clicking the help tab in the top right corner.

It provides you with a free ebook which while useful talks more about the ideas behind arbitrage betting rather than the software itself.

You are better off looking at the manual available from the RebelBetting website. This provides an introductory video as well as detailed definitions of all the features with pictures.

It wasn’t difficult to find but was a bit hidden within the website. We feel this should be linked in the software, rather than the ebook, but it’s good that there is something available. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

The question that always gets asked, and rightly so. 

RebelBetting make big claims about the success of their Sure Betting system and charge top money for it. 

The profit you make will largely be down to how much you use the software. You need to be placing a high frequency of bets a month. 

Say the average arb percentage you are taking is 5% on a £100 stake.

It is important to remember that because of the high price of the software, you need to be placing 23 bets a month to reach breakeven.

The cost of the software in British pounds, at the time of writing, is roughly £114. 

23 x £5 = £115.

By placing those bets the software pays for itself, anything after that is profit. We’ll try to round up our thoughts in our final review. 

The Results

There really aren’t any faults we can find with the RebelBetting Sure Betting system. It’s a great piece of software that’s fast, easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.

The problems that we have found are not with the software itself but with arbitrage betting in general. 

When succeeding with arbitrage, you’re going to need a big bankroll and you’re also very likely to see your bookmaker accounts shut down over time.

Remember, to move money out of bookmakers it can take a few days, using an ewallet might be your best option but could still take up to 24 hours.

These arbing opportunities don’t last that long. You don’t want to have to be constantly moving money around.

There are a lot of promises being made and unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it seems. It can take you a while to build a bankroll if you don’t have the money already.

Once you’re over the £1000 mark things start to get easier and you can begin to take the profit out. 

The good thing about arbitrage betting is that you can use gubbed accounts. 

You will hear a lot about bookmakers closing down accounts that are being used for arbing. This is true but they will eventually do this to any customer who is winning.

There are enough bookmakers that you should be able to continue arbing for a long time. 

With all of this understood, RebelBetting is a brilliant piece of arbitrage software that will allow you to find the best sure bets around.

You can check it out here.

Value Betting

The next bit of software that RebelBetting offer is value betting. 

The easiest way to think of this is as a tipster service. However, simplifying it to this degree is doing RebelBetting a disservice. 

Value betting software will scan bookmakers looking for bets where the probability of a given outcome is greater than the bookmaker’s odds reflect.

This is different from arbitrage betting which is used in the sure betting software. You are not covering every outcome, rather swinging the probability back in your favour. 

You might have heard us talking about expected value before. There is a difference between the true odds of something happening and the house odds – which is what bookmakers offer.

Bookmakers will always try to offer you lower odds than the actual probability of something happening. 

This is how they make money. 

An example RebelBetting use is a coin toss. The probability of it landing on heads or tails is 50/50. This means over time the amount you win will be even to the amount you lose. Not good for profit. 

The true odds for this event would be represented as 2. If a bookmaker were to offer you odds of 2.1 for it to land on heads this would represent a value bet. This is a simplified version of value bets. 

With sport, it is hard to know the true odds for something as it is so unpredictable. What we do know is that the bookies try to keep the odds on their side. The instances where they haven’t represent value bets. 

RebelBetting is helping to stack the odds in your favour. 

Over time betting on higher value odds should lead to you winning more than you lose. 


The products that RebelBetting offer are available as separate items.

A monthly subscription for Value Betting will set you back 69 euros. 

Again, this is a high price for betting software but it is less than Sure Betting.

We will have a look at what value betting has to offer before discussing whether it is worth the high fee. 

How to Use RebelBetting Value Betting

This version of RebelBetting not only available as a software download but also on a web browser. 

This allows you to access it on your mobile as well as Mac computers. The user interface of the mobile version is different but if you become familiar with the software version you should have no trouble acclimatising.  

We will focus on the software download. 

The appearance of Value Betting is very similar to Sure Betting. The design consistency is good as users won’t have to adapt too much if they use multiple products from RebelBetting.

If you are just interested in Value Betting then we’ll run through all the features here. 

This is the main screen that loads up when RebelBetting is opened. The green list represents the value bets the software has found. 

The percentage that runs down the left-hand side of the green list is the return on investment. 

The highlighted bet, in dark green, is listed at 1.8%. The higher the value the more money you stand to make if the bet wins. 

Next to that, you will see a suggested stake amount. 

The amount you stake is completely down to you. The Value Betting software does have features that will suggest and automatically calculate stake for you. 

Along the top of the screen, you will see a box where you can input your bankroll. It is important that you keep this up to date. As an example, we have entered £1000.

There are two customisable factors when setting a stake size. They are ‘Max Stake’ and ‘Stake Sizing’.

Max Stake is the maximum percentage of your bankroll you are happy to use for one bet. Ours is set to 1% so for a bankroll of £1000 our first bet will be £10.

Stake Sizing is calculated using something called the ‘Kelly Criterion’. This calculates the optimal stake for maximum growth of your bankroll, proportional to the perceived value of the bet. 

Using the Kelly criterion alone will lead to greater variance in results. You stand to win more but also stand to lose more. 

It is important to remember that value betting is not a guaranteed win. You are essentially still gambling. It is possible to go on a losing run, if this happens we don’t want to wipe out our bankroll. 

The default setting is 30% but it is possible to change this. Both of the staking options can be accessed through the options tab at the top, then selecting user. We recommend that you keep the default settings as you get to grips with the software. 

It’s sensible to bet a small percentage of your bankroll. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a system that requires a high number of bets to be profitable in the long run. We will talk more about the profitability of RebelBetting towards the end of this review. 

Next to the suggested stake size, you have start time. Pretty self-explanatory, it’s the time until the sporting event in question commences. It is better to place a value bet closer to the start time, this leaves less chance that the odds will change. For example, if a team star player gets injured it will reduce the chance of that team winning and therefore us winning the bet. 

After this, you have the event you will be betting on and the outcome. The outcome is written in shorthand but is explained in full once you click on the bet. 

The shorthand is as follows:

O(1.5) – Over 1.5 goals.

U(1.5) – Under 1.5 goals

AH – Asian handicap 

1 – Betting on the home team to win. E.g. if the event is Man U v Liverpool you will be betting on Man U to win. 

X – Betting on the draw.

2 – Betting on the away team to win. E.g. Liverpool from the above example.

The final column is the number of bets that need to be placed, plus the bookmaker and the odds. 

There is a long list of bookmakers that RebelBetting will scan for value bets. You will need to sign-up for a few bookmakers to get started. 

The good thing is you can edit which bookmakers you view value bets from. Go to options and then select bookmakers. Here you can select the bookies which you have signed up to and have already deposited money with. 

If you choose the bookmaker setup tab in the options menu you can set up a useful feature. By entering your bookmaker log-in information here it will allow you to make the most of RebelBetting’s ‘autosurf’ tool. 

When you find a value bet you like the look of it will log-in to the bookmaker with one click. With the high-frequency of bets, you are going to be placing this is a real time-saver. 

Placing Your Bets

With everything set-up, you’ll want to start placing bets and earning some money. 

By clicking on a value bet from the list it will update the bet details panel that runs along the left-hand side of the screen

Within this panel, there is a section that displays any warnings associated with the bet. The warning could be one of the following. 

Most of these apply more to arbitrage betting but the ones you should be aware of is sharp bookmakers. In value betting, you have sharp and soft bookmakers. 

Sharp bookmakers are quicker to change their odds and try to keep them closer to the true probability of something happening. 

Soft bookmakers are more relaxed, therefore tend to offer better odds. 

It can be harder to bet on value odds at sharp bookmakers because of this. As a beginner, you might want to avoid them as there is often less value to be had. The negative of using soft bookmakers constantly is they tend to limit your account quicker.

There is a lot of information on RebelBetting about this which is worth checking out before you place your first bet. It’s good to see a company providing warnings as it’s important to keep betting accounts healthy.

This panel will provide more in-depth information about the bet you are interested in. If it all looks good you can press the blue play ‘bet’ button in the top left corner. 

RebellBetting will then open the bet in a new tab. It will even try to open the webpage of the betting company within the software!

If you have set up autosurf then it will log-in automatically for you. 

All we have to do here is click ‘place bet’ in Bet365 and we have placed our first value bet. All it takes is two clicks. This is the best thing about Rebelbetting, it not only finds the value bets but makes it incredibly quick to place them. 

Another feature to make use of is ‘Log’. It can be found in the bottom-right once the new tab opens up. By clicking this RebelBetting will keep a record of all the bets you have placed in their BetTracker.

It will also update with the result and any profit earned. This is a great feature that will help you to see how you’re progressing.

It is available to view anytime by clicking the BetTracker button from the home screen in RebelBetting. 

Like sure betting, you can also set-up alerts so you don’t miss value bets. This is accessed from the Options tab. You can create pop-ups as well as sound alerts which will run in the background with the software minimised. 

Another useful feature.

Learning Materials

Again, the learning materials that RebelBetting provide are brilliant. 

As you fire up the software you are hit with a getting started pop-up. This provides an introductory video and getting started guide with pictures. 

This is available to refer back to at any time by clicking the help button at the top of the page.

We would recommend checking out the support tab on the RebelBetting website. Here you can find an array of materials to help you understand not just the software but value betting in general. 

These include tips for beginners and a manual for both the software and web versions. Can’t fault the company in this department, there’s everything you need to get started. 

It’s also worth mentioning that their customer support has been good in our experience. They have a chat on their website where they will respond to your queries by email. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

It’s more difficult to talk about numbers when analysing the value betting system. 

This is because it’s not like sure betting or matched betting, you are not almost guaranteed to win every bet. 

Instead, it relies on you placing a very high volume of bets and over time the profit will start to increase. 

The results will be different for everyone but should start to follow an upward curve. 

This is a graph of the average results from the users of the software. Note how the profit (blue line) sometimes dips below the expected value (green line). 

To benefit from probabilty you need to have a large sample size. These results are based on over 6000 bets placed which they claim will allow you to triple your initial bankroll.

You don’t have to place quite as many bets as this to be profitable but it will take a bit of time.

We don’t doubt this is possible we just want to make you aware of what is required of you. 

It will take longer with a smaller bankroll. There is some risk involved so if you have a small bankroll make sure you only use a small percentage of it to start with. 

The Results

Once again RebleBetting has produced a great piece of software. It’s easy to use and the user interface looks great. 

One issue we did find was the availability of value bets. Between viewing the bet and navigating to the bookmakes the odds had changed for the worse. 

This is not necessarily the fault of the software more value betting in general. The software does inform you of the duration the value bet has been live but you are competing with bookmakers sophisticated software.

Due to this and a few other points made in the article, we do prefer matched betting and arbitrage betting over value betting. 

However, if you have your mind set on value betting then RebelBetting have you covered. Their software will not let you down and is stacked with useful features. We recommend RebelBetting Value Betting as there’s profit to be made.

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