UK Gambling & Sports Betting Statistics

Alarming UK Gambling Statistics, Sports Betting Data & Research 2018

We asked people in the UK aged 18-54 about their interest in watching sports, betting on sports, and playing casino games. Some of the results were expected, but other findings were alarming.

It’s worth noting that we screened anyone that did matched betting or arbitrage betting to ensure our dataset was not skewed by those that know how to beat the system. (more…)

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Dutching betting guide

Dutching: Making Profits Without the Use of Exchanges

This guide has been a long time coming.

Dutching, or the process of betting across multiple bookmakers for the purpose of making a profit, is a necessary tactic for a couple of main reasons.

The first of those reasons is more simple:

Sometimes, those that are matched betting need to find an alternative to a betting exchange – perhaps there isn’t a market available on the exchange yet, or that there isn’t a close odds match available.

The second of the reasons is slightly more complex, and it means I need to split this guide into to sections.

That second reason is this:

Betting exchanges aren’t available in every country in the world.

Most notably, America doesn’t have exchanges. Canada doesn’t either. A large portion of Africa doesn’t. The list goes on.

It is impossible for me to have a guide that lists how to do matched betting in every single country in the world.

I simply don’t have the capacity to write that much, never mind the fact that I’d need to know the legislation in every country, the bookmakers based in each one too, the terms that go with their offers…I’m sure you see where I’m coming from. 

Those in countries without betting exchanges need to dutch every bet; that’s the qualifying bet (to unlock a free bet) and free bets too.

I will be covering foreign countries in the second half of this post – feel free to skip straight to it – but let’s dive into the quicker-to-explain first scenario right now. (more…)

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Best Computer Setups for Betting

Best Cheap Computer Setups for Matched Betting

If you’re looking to get into the world of so-called no-risk betting, or if you’ve already started but you’re looking to take it to the next level, you’ll probably want to look at having a good computer setup.

One of the main ways that many people can improve their efficiency and profitability is to take their bets from a mobile or tablet, or perhaps some smaller laptops, and move them to a desktop computer.

Why is it important to find the best computer for matched betting?

This is pretty simple; your profits should rise substantially as a result of being more efficient.

Or, you could make the same profits in much less time, giving you more time to spend away from the computer screens (should you want to!).

Let’s get stuck in and look at the best computer setups for matched betting and the types of things you should be looking at and considering.

At the end of the post, I’ll also show you my current matched betting setup. (more…)

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Double delight hat-trick heaven ddhh

Exploiting Double Delight, Hat-Trick Heaven for Profit

‘Double delight, hat-trick heaven’, or ‘DDHH’ as it’s more commonly referred to in the world of matched betting, is a really exciting offer that gives us plenty of expected value (EV) and potential long-term profits.

In this guide we’re going to be looking at how to profit from the DDHH offer and give you a variety of tips for making the most success from it. (more…)

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How to do the 2 up matched betting offer

How to Profit from ‘2UP’ on Bet365 & Paddy Power

One of the most exciting offers in the matched betting world is the ‘2 up’ offer that can be found on Bet365 and Paddy Power.

This is a great offer for multiple reasons:

For those without a lot of spare time, it can give large profits for little effort (although a bit of patience will be required).

For those in the early stages of matched betting, it can give bankrolls a hefty boost if luck is on side.

And for those with large bankrolls, there is the possibility for four-figure profits from a single winning bet, with very minimal financial risk to go with it.

In this guide we’re going to be looking at how to exploit the 2-up offer, the different 2-up strategies you can use and also a range of hints and tips for making the most profit possible.


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Beginner tips for common questions

Tips & Answers for a Complete Beginner

Despite the fact we have a huge range of advice on this site, from our matched betting basics to our slightly more broad and advanced matched betting tips, we appreciate it can be a bit daunting for some people.

And whilst we generally cover the majority of common questions that we’re asked in one place or another, not everyone wants to go searching through twenty guides to find the piece of advice they’re looking for.

Therefore, in this post, we’re rounding up (and heavily summarising) some of the most common beginner tips we give out and the most common questions we answer too. (more…)

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VIP scheme qualification

How to Get into Bookmaker VIP Schemes

Bookmaker VIP schemes can be extremely lucrative for matched bettors.

They will likely be unprofitable for regular high stakes bettors, although will appear amazing on the surface. That’s exactly why they’re designed – to tempt high earners to lose even more than they were previously over a long period of time.

We here at Beating Betting, and friends of ours, have been VIP members at Coral, Ladbrokes, 888 and Betway, as well as various casinos.

With that said, it’s probably fair to say that we know a thing or two about qualifying for VIP programmes.

We’ve also had correspondence with multiple people that claim to be VIP members of Bet365, Betfred and other lesser-known bookies.

Whilst we don’t have concrete evidence of these existing because we’ve not been a part of them ourselves, we’ve had enough discussion around qualification, account management and the types of offers received to say with some confidence that they are, or were, almost certainly real.

Let’s dive in to telling you exactly how you can be invited to VIP status. (more…)

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Betting with wagering requirements

How to Handle Offers with Wagering Requirements

If you’re completely new to backing and laying your bets for profit, avoiding offers with wagering (or ‘rollover’) requirements is heavily recommended.

The level of complexity increases slightly with these offers and they also tend to increase the time taken to complete, too.

Generally speaking, you get better bang for your buck by sticking to the more simple offers — especially when you’re first starting out with a small bankroll.

However, everyone reaches the point where the easiest offers have been used up and it’s time to move on to the slightly more complex offers.

The good news is that just because they can be a little more time consuming, offers with rollover requirements can also be more profitable too. This is because the bookmakers can generally offer higher value bonuses due to the wagering demands putting a certain percentage of beginner matched bettors off.

In this guide, we’ll look at how best to tackle wagering. (more…)

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Accepting odds movements

Should You Accept Downwards Odds Movement During Bet Placement?

Most of us have been there.

You’ve lined up a bet, it’s in your bet slip, but just as you go to submit your bet you receive an alert from the bookmaker site telling you that the odds have changed for the worse.

It’s a relatively simple question, but one that we’re often asked:

Should you accept the lower odds after a bookmaker cuts the price?

In this short post, we give you our thoughts and some numbers behind the decisions. (more…)

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