Bet Hero Review: Revolutionising Smart Betting?

You may have seen a few new platforms pop up recently, offering various tools to aid your betting strategy. A few keen minds have clearly been at work, looking at how they can improve on the current market offering, bringing together your methods, tools and data into one convenient platform. That is what Bet Hero is all about.  

Bet Hero is essentially a betting platform designed for users to profit through smart betting strategies, particularly value and arbitrage betting. It brings together a simple set of tools and data to help bettors find the best odds and exploit market inefficiencies across various sports and bookmakers. This all sounds pretty familiar right? So what makes Bet Hero different, or better?

Before we get to that, let’s break down how Bet Hero works and what’s ‘in the box’ so to speak.

How Bet Hero Works – Betting Opportunities

Bet Hero leverages ‘advanced’ algorithms to identify profitable betting opportunities. They weight their average by scraping data from lots of different sharp books and exchanges to find the most likely profitable bets. They integrate with over 200 bookmakers (though not all of these are available for every location) and covers lots of different sports. The platform primarily uses the Kelly criterion to determine optimal bet sizes, balancing risk and reward effectively (more on this later).

They determine profitable bets by looking at the odds on offer from each of the bookmakers and matched odds sites. Bringing your attention to any mispriced odds that you can use to your advantage to gain edge over a bookmaker. You can choose to bet either as a value added bet, or an arbitrage bet.

Regional Variations In Bookmakers

As I touched on above. While Bet Hero does integrate with around 200 different bookmakers and exchanges, not all will be available to a user depending on their country and location. 

For the UK, these are the bookies and exchanges available through Bet Hero:

  • 888
  • All British Casino
  • Golden Palace/Lottoland
  • Azuro (Crypto Book)
  • Dafabet UK
  • Betfair
  • Pokerstars
  • Paddpower
  • Betfair Exchange
  • BetVictor 
  • Unibet
  • Ladbrokes
  • Coral
  • Virginbet
  • Daznbet
  • 10bet
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Betway
  • Boylesport
  • Dexsport
  • Matchbook
  • Midnite
  • Skybet
  • Zebet

For the USA, or Mainland Europe, the list is different. What is interesting to know though, is that Bet Hero are integrated with Cryptocurrency bookmakers such as Azuro, which opens the platform up to those investing and betting with Crypto.

How Bet Hero Works – The Interface

When a user signs up, the first thing you want to do is configure preferences, including bankroll and odds format. You can do this by selecting ‘settings’ from the left hand menu and then choosing what works for you. You can also set up which value of ‘Kelly Criterion’ you want to apply to your bets. This is effectively a scale of how much of your bank roll you wish to bankroll for each bet. The scale runs from Eighth Kelly (the lowest) to Quarter, Half and Full Kelly which is the most aggressive.  

The other two option here, ‘profile’ and ‘subscription’ are mostly informational. Profile just shows you your linked google or discord account, and subscription shows your current package, with the option to upgrade but you will see this quite widely around the rest of the site too. 

Once you have set this up you are good to go with the rest of the site. The basic account won’t give you access to tools like the Arbitrage tools or the +EV Betting tools, and you really need these if you are planning on making any informed bets. To get these you need a paid plan but if you want to check them out before committing you can take a free trial. 

Filtering and Optimising Data

Before you start placing bets, the next important thing to do with Bet Hero, is filter your data. You don’t want to sifting through every bet out there if they are not applicable to you and the the betting platforms you are set up to bet through. 

Depending on if you are value or arbitrage betting, you can filter based on the odds range, profit percentage or expected value and winning probability. You can also filter by particular sport and by specific bookmakers, so you can take anything out that is not in your wheelhouse. 

Arbitrage Betting on Bet Hero

This involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event across different bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the result. It’s a low-risk strategy but often requires quick action and significant capital. It’s similar in approach to matched betting, except arb betters use their own money to stake, rather than using free promotional bets offered by the bookie. 

Bet Hero’s arbitrage tools scan numerous bookmakers to find situations where you can place bets on all outcomes and lock in a profit. Here’s a brief overview:

Real-Time Scanning: The tool continuously scans odds from over 200 bookmakers to detect discrepancies.

Alerts System: Users receive instant alerts through the platform and Discord, allowing them to act quickly on arbitrage opportunities.

Staking Recommendations: Based on the Kelly criterion (mentioned above), Bet Hero suggests optimal bet sizes based on your chosen value of risk, to maximise returns.

Automated Calculations: The tool automatically calculates the exact amounts to bet on each outcome to generate a profit, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

You can see in the image below, the list of bets available to you in list form, based on the setting you have selected for the Kelly criterion. It also shows you the betting platforms/bookmakers that will support the bet.

If you click on one of these bets, it takes you through to the next screen, which offers you more details on a bet, as well as a simple tracking button. As with the last image, it also shows you the bookies that you can use to fulfil the placement of your arbitrage bets. 

Value Betting on Bet Hero

In contrast, value betting focuses on finding odds that are higher than the true probability of an event. This strategy seeks to exploit bookmaker errors and requires a more analytical approach, with profits realized over the long term. 

The features break down something like this:

Odds Comparison: The tool compares odds across multiple bookmakers to find value bets, using their own statistical models to determine the true probability of outcomes. 

Positive Expected Value (EV): When the tool spots a discrepancy between two bookmakers, it highlights bets with positive EV, indicating that these bets are expected to be profitable in the long run.

Flexible Filters: Users can set filters based on sports, leagues, and specific bookmakers to tailor the value betting opportunities to their preferences.

Profit Tracking: The tool tracks the profitability of value bets, providing insights into long-term performance and helping users refine their strategies.

The value betting tool highlights any positive EVs on the left in green, followed by the event and then the bet. It then shows you the odds and the platform offering the bet. 

For anyone not familiar with value betting, it’s important to known that these bets can form losing streaks in the short term. They are, however, determined to be profitable overall in the long term. Not for the faint hearted, and not for a short, sharp profit.

Tracker Tool

The tracker tool in Bet Hero is a really important feature for monitoring and analysing betting performance. Its pretty simple and straight forward on the screen, but offers insights into both your arbitrage and value betting in one simple screen:

Comprehensive Bet Logging: Automatically logs all bets placed through the platform, including stake, odds, bookmaker, and outcome.

Performance Metrics: Provides detailed statistics on win/loss records, ROI, and overall profitability, helping users understand their betting patterns.

Strategy Analysis: Enables users to analyse the effectiveness of different betting strategies, offering visual representations of their betting history.

Customizable Reports: Users can generate customisable reports to review their performance over specific periods, sports, or betting types

That’s more or less it, feature wise within the platform. It’s a simple offering, with a ‘still in development’ feel, but it does offer some very good data and integration to a ton of bookmakers. Bet Hero is not just about the tools in the platform though, but in the community and the access to their Discord Channel.

I don’t need to tell most of you what discord is, but for those that are a little hazy, it effectively works like a forum, where you have access to a variety of threads and feeds within the community, through the discord app. There are lots of threads with fellow betters offering tips, advise, feedback and discussion around the platform and betting in general. 

How Much Does Bet Hero Cost – Pricing

The Free Basic Account

This, in my opinion, is utterly pointless. It only gives you a brief overview of the platform and no visibility of the data, or any of the arbitrage and EV betting tools. Without these tools betting would be meaningless and blind. It’s hard to see why a free basic account is offered, other than the access it provides you to the discord community and feeds.  

Premium Account

The premium account will set you back €99 per month on a monthly plan, or €66 per month on an annual plan, billed yearly at €792. It’s quite an investment but priced fairly competitively to other similar tools on the market. There are customer enterprise packages available, but these are priced on an individual basis, depending on the size of your enterprise and its needs. 

Free Trial

If you really want to get a look at the ins and outs of the platform, forget about the basic account and take the free trial. At 3 days it is a short trial compared to others, but you need this to get a look at all the tools that the platform has to offer. To decide whether it’s a platform you want to invest in or not. 

The Good And The Bad


Covers a wide range of sports and markets

Supports over 200 bookmakers

Integrates with cryptocurrency bookmakers

Real-time alerts via Discord

The biggest pro, is the wide access to lots of different bookmakers. This includes crypto ones that many other competitors do not yet offer. The real time alerts via both the platform and through discord are also a good feature, keeping you fresh on any opportunities as they become available. 


Shorter free trial compared to competitors

The interface is not as sleek as some rivals

No mobile compatibility yet. 

Can only sign up through Google Account or Discord

There are a few significant cons. The seemingly useless basic account, and the short free trial can not be ignored. Three days is a pretty short window to make a decision to invest in the platform or not. The monthly fee is a bit steep for someone to pay out without really getting to grips with the platform. 

It is, to be fair a pretty simple platform, but in there lies the next con, in that it’s still a little basic. Not nearly as sleek as some of the others. But then what are you looking for? A polished turd, or a useful tool. So far it does seem to be a useful tool. 

At the moment though, the platform is no support for mobiles or tablet sized devices. Until this is sorted, the discord alerts are not as useful as they should be. Most people use discord on their mobiles and the whole point of real time alerts is that you can make use of them on the move. This is something they need to get a hold of sooner rather than later to maximise the potential of the platform. 

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