Casino Offers & How to Exploit Them for Profit (Matched Betting Casino Strategy)

Matched Casino Offers

Whether you currently make use of a lot of casino offers or if you’ve never used a casino bonus in your life, this post is guaranteed to change the way you perceive slots, online roulette and more.

Whilst online gambling has been the downfall of many a person, we have written this post to teach you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

With every single casino offer or deposit bonus, you can exploit them for a long-term profit.

No, really.

If you’re interested in finding out more, continue reading right to the very end of this post. 

What Are Casino Offers?

Casino offers come in several different forms.

They might be welcome offers, deposit offers – you can even get a no-deposit casino bonus with some sites – or commonly ‘reload’ offers.

Reload offers are what we call the offers that are sent to existing customers in order to tempt them back into re-using a casino (or bookmaker).

Offers tend to range from 10% all the way up to 500% bonuses – the latter meaning if you deposited £100, you’d get £600 to play with.

These casino bonuses always come with ‘wagering’ requirements.

This means that, depending on the casino and the size of the bonus, you’ll have to rollover a certain quantity of money. These rollovers or wagering requirements usually range from 20x bonus all the way up to 35x deposit + bonus.

For example, if an offer was a 100% deposit match up to £100 with 20x bonus wagering, you’d deposit £100, receive £100 extra on top, and you’d have to complete £2,000 worth of spins on slots.

If the same deposit match had a 35x deposit + bonus rollover, you’d need to do £14,000 worth of spins.

Sounds impossible, right?

Keep reading…

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Why This Guide is Unique

Most posts or pages out there that feature casino sign-up offers are crammed full of casino affiliate links.

They feature these offers and bonuses so that you click through their link, and then they hope you continue to lose money on the casinos and in turn they get a percentage of your losses.

Affiliating for casinos is big business.

This is why you will find so many sites out there competing to do the same thing – don’t believe me? Try Googling ‘BGO sign up offer’, or the name of any other casino for that matter.

In fact, I’ll save you the time with this screenshot:

BGO welcome bonus screenshot

5 stars here, 5 stars there…

…and not a single site being honest about the fact they just want you to lose money on the casino so that they can profit from you.

That’s where we’re different.

You will find zero affiliate links to online casinos in this post.

In fact – we’re the complete opposite of those sites.

We’re here to teach you how to get PROFIT from the casinos, not tempt you to make losses for our own gain.

We’re sick of seeing these greedy bookmakers and casinos taking money from those wanting a better life.

That’s why in this post, we will teach you exactly how to make profits (well, positive EV, or Expected Value) on casino offers long-term.

How to Exploit Casino Offers

A lot of bonuses out there are designed to make you lose money, either short-term or long-term.

This is true even with a no deposit bonus.

The casinos treat the offers as a cost of acquiring you as a long-term customer, and they recoup their money either immediately if you lose, or long-term if you initially win.

However, they are loss leaders.

This means that, overall, they will lose money on the majority of the promotions they run – particularly their sign-up offers – in the hope that you lose enough money in the long-term to pay for the upfront cost of acquiring you as a customer.

Fortunately, thanks to a bit of clever number work, it is possible to work out how much of a profit the average person should generate based on a casino’s terms; the type of bonus on offer, the value of the bonus, the eligible game types, the wagering requirements, and more.

In this post, we’re going to cover exactly how you find and make profit via casino offers.

EV Calculators for Casino

There are a few EV calculators out there, but the majority of them are not fit for purpose.

This is because you don’t need a simple calculator, but a simulator instead.

A calculator cannot take crucial variables into account like your spin size and the variance of the slot, amongst other things. Calculators typically just allow you to input your bonus size and a slot’s RTP; this leads to wildly inaccurate results.

However, fortunately there is a site called Profit Maximiser which gives you (and us!) the numbers behind all of the casino promotions that are ever ran. Not only this, but they list every offer they can find too, allowing you to complete as many potentially profitable offers as possible.

By using their site, you can determine whether an offer is a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

If you don’t want their full membership & service (which is actually our highest recommend casino-related product on the whole of Beating Betting) then you can pick up EV Maximiser – released by the same company – to simulate the offers yourself.

That’s available for the lowest price here.


These offers involve something called variance, and you do need to have the bankroll to be able to handle swings.

This means, rather than building your bankroll slowly and steadily like you do with matched betting, you will have similar swings to in poker – although there is much less risk involved as you can’t make mistakes or poor decisions.

Here’s a graph that hopefully demonstrates what we mean a little more clearly:

Casino offers vs matched betting

With matched betting, you have a steady increase from a small bankroll over time because of it being no-risk.

With casino, you’ll need a bigger bankroll to start with, and you will see periods of losses as variance plays out.

However, as long as you continue to complete offers over a long period of time, you give yourself the best chance of coming out in profit.

This is because of how EV (Expected Value) works.

In simple terms: this is the average amount of profit that you would receive if you completed the offer millions of times.

For example, let’s say there is a ‘deposit £100, get £200’ casino bonus, and it has an EV of £88 (calculated and listed on the Profit Maximiser site).

Here’s a recent win we had sent in to us from a reader:

Profit Maximiser big win from our reader

You could make £1,000. You could lose £100…

…and you will lose the £100 more often than you hit a big win.

However, if you were to complete the offer a million times (unlikely, but this is how EV works) you would have a profit level somewhere around £88 x one million, or £88,000,000.

Most people will complete hundreds or thousands of offers over a period of months or years.

The smaller your offer sample is, the more variance can affect you either positively or negatively.

Variance can be kinder to some rather than others, but everyone should end up in a good profit as long as they hit a good level of volume.

One person, shown in our Profit Maximiser review post, won almost £600,000 from a single 20p spin.

You should never expect to hit a life-changing win like this, but in the back of your mind you can know that it’s always possible.

How Often Should You Expect to Bust Out?

A lot of people think it seems unlikely to complete wagering on an offer.

For example, you deposit £20 and get a bonus of £20, and you have to complete £500 worth of spins before you can withdraw.

Is it unlikely to complete the offer?


It is absolutely unlikely that you will complete it.

However, it’s not about how likely you are to complete that one offer, it’s all about how much profit you should expect to make from the offer on average (known as EV, or Expected Value) after completing a lot of offers.

If you were doing the offer above on £2 spins, you would expect to bust out around 81% of the time on a 96.5% RTP medium-variance slot, but you would take £12.60 in EV.

With high expected bust rates, it’s not uncommon to go on losing streaks.

How to Find Casino Offers Worth Thousands

Profit Maximiser list all of the offers on their site.

This is hundreds of offers every single month from over 100 different bookmakers and casinos.

These comprise of sign-up offers – welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses etc. – and casino reload offers; offers for returning customers.

The EV is calculated and posted alongside every offer by the site themselves.

They also discuss the offers in detail via their private Facebook group.

Access to both of things is private, and you can’t get access to them without paying their membership fee – unfortunately these things aren’t free!

However, the owner of the site – Mike – is so determined to give value for money that he tries to help all subscribers recoup their membership fee back within three days.

Full yearly access costs £99+VAT, which is an absolute steal when you think of the profits you’ll make in the first month.

He helps you to get this money back via low-risk, tax-free offers that he posts on the site. You are uaranteed to make a profit from these instantly if you follow the instructions, meaning your membership fee gets covered very quickly.

The offers have two types of profit:

Low-risk profits. You are virtually guaranteed to make a steady & consistent profit on these as long as you follow simple instructions.

EV profits: an average profit value you should expect to receive from an offer over an extended period of time.

Casino offers are rarely guaranteed profit on one attempt – although you can get virtually risk-free offers such as 100% refunds on losses up to a certain amount (usually £10 to £20).

If you continue completing the casino offers that are listed on this site, you will make a significant tax-free income to boost your bank every month.

Can’t You Exploit These Offers Alone?


Of course you can do all of this on your own.

However, how would you know if an offer was plus EV or minus EV?

Some offers can be good value even if they’re 60 times wagering, whereas some can be poor even with only 25 times rollover.

Other offers can be great regardless – but the slot you choose will massively affect the level of profit you should expect to receive.

How would you know which slot to pick?

Opting for high RTP (Return to Player) slots is advisable, but did you know that choosing a lower RTP slot can sometimes be a better use of your time than the higher ones?

Without the help of Profit Maximiser, a lot of it becomes guesswork and you will likely make poorer financial decisions as a result.

The alternative is of course to simulate/calculate your own figures using the cheaper EV Maximiser software.

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About the Author

This post was written by Luke Jordan. Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of 2016 and ran the site until February 2020. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation.

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12 thoughts on “Casino Offers & How to Exploit Them for Profit (Matched Betting Casino Strategy)

  1. Alex says:

    Absolutely infested and contaminated with affiliate links for PM! Simply can not trust any of you.

    So much for unbiased article – shame.

    1. Luke says:

      “Contaminated” – bit of an exaggeration! This site says in numerous places that we use affiliate links.

      We also slate companies that don’t provide a good service – we won’t promote anyone that we don’t believe in.

      If you aren’t happy that we earn a bit of money for doing this then sorry, we can’t please everyone. Everything in this article is a fact and we stand by it.

  2. oscar says:

    (One person, shown in our Profit Maximiser review post, won almost £600,000 from a single 20p spin.)

    what is single 20p spin?

    1. Luke says:

      A spin that cost 20p. :)

      1. Oscar says:

        Sorry for the dumb question but, how much in dollars is 20p?

        1. Luke says:

          At the current exchange rate, 20p is $0.26

          1. Oscar says:

            How the hell did someone make £600,000 from that?

          2. Luke says:

            Got lucky!

  3. Charlotte LePetier says:

    No, you’re not posting any affiliate links.

    You’re selling ‘tutorial’ courses instead.

    1. Luke says:

      Selling actual products to people that help them make money versus only profiting when others lose money…

  4. Claire Boreham says:

    Don’t know why everyone’s moaning, most matched betting sites have affiliate links to a matched betting service anyway! great article : )
    I’m a member of oddsmonkey at the minute, I’ve only been doing mb for a couple of months but am more drawn to casino offers as it’s easier to fit in doing these round working and kids. what are the differences between oddsmonkey and profit maximiser for casino offers?

    1. Luke says:

      Thanks for the support :) The two sites are worlds apart when it comes to casino offers, Oddsmonkey don’t want to focus their attention in that area due to the increased risk for customers. PM thrive in this aspect. I usually recommend having an OM+PM subscription for those that are past the point of learning the ropes.

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