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NHL betting tips
NHL Betting Tips: How to Bet on Ice Hockey (Profitably!)

It seems like a distant memory now, but not too long ago the National Hockey League was an association dominated by Canadian-born athletes. Now there is a growing group of players born in America and Europe who are entering the sport, which has led to a spike in popularity of the game throughout the world. […]

Fantasy Premier League Beginner’s Guide
Fantasy Premier League Beginner’s Guide 2024: How to Win at FPL

If you’re a beginner or novice Fantasy Premier League (FPL) player, then this guide will help transform you into a powerhouse capable of winning your mini-leagues and taking on the top 50k places or better – a goal many people simply dream of achieving. 

MLS Betting Tips
How to Bet Profitably on the MLS in 2024

Having covered the basics in our football betting tips masterclass, we are turning our attention to the unique aspects of wagering on certain leagues. In this post, the focus is Major League Soccer, otherwise known as MLS. Football is growing in the United States and the MLS is benefitting through strong TV viewership and packed stadiums. […]

Best Cricket Betting Tips
Cricket Betting Tips: How to Bet Profitably on Cricket in 2024

Cricket is a game of three different variants, all of which evolved from the traditional form – Test Cricket, a five day game contested around the world at an elite level containing just 10 teams. The second version is a match contested over one day, with a 50-over (300 balls bowled) limit, which includes various restrictions are imposed to make […]

How to Bet Profitably on Football
Football Betting Tips: How to Bet Profitably on Football in 2024

As the world’s most popular sport, football has no shortage of self-proclaimed experts who are (perhaps overly) confident in backing the right teams on a weekly basis. You know the type – the bloke in the pub who thinks he knows it all…but never wins a penny! The majority of bettors will base their bets on their weekly […]

Football betting tips
Best Betting Tipsters 2024: Finding the Best & Avoiding the Rest

Being as informed as possible should always underpin any bettor’s approach, particularly with the abundance of information available to us in the internet age. If you want to make money betting on sports, chances are you have considered utilising a betting tipster as part of your strategy. This information is often free, but other times you […]

Tennis Grand Slams
How to Bet on Tennis Grand Slams for Profit

Tennis has always been a popular sport for fans and recreational players, but its reach has expanded in recent years to also capture the attention of bettors. As with the golfing calendar, there are four tennis majors each season – the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open – which are known […]

How to Bet on Golf’s Major Tournaments

With Tiger Woods’ dominance now a thing of distant memory, the majors have become increasingly competitive and several contenders often possess the credentials to go all the way. That means there’s plenty of value on offer leading into each major tournament. In this golf major championships guide, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to the specifics of betting […]

How to Bet on Golf
Golf Betting Tips: How to Bet on Golf (Profitably!)

From tournaments across Asia and Africa to the more renowned European and US PGA tours, golf’s global reach sees thousands of professionals playing year-round and worldwide. That’s good news for punters, with a huge array of betting options available to help them pick plenty of value selections. However, how do you know who to bet […]

How to bet on the NFL
How to Bet on the NFL (Profitably!) in 2024

The National Football League (NFL) is the most highly bet league in North American sports. With many factors coming into play, it may seem a bit overwhelming for the beginner bettor or a bettor new to American football. It is one of the most unpredictable leagues in world sports, every season is rife with unexpected twists and […]

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