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Betfair Charts
How To Use Betfair Charts & Improve Your Trading

Understanding and being able to effectively use Betfair charts and graphs is one of the key factors that make a successful Betfair trader. In this guide, we will be going over the basics, from how to access the Betfair charts, to what they mean and how to read them. Hopefully, after reading this article you […]

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How to Use Kwiff’s Odds Boosts for Profit

If you’ve been watching sport on TV recently, chances are you will have seen a new sports betting app advertised. Over the past five years, Kwiff has really pushed its name out into the world of sports betting.  Claiming to offer ‘supercharged odds’ we are going to take a look at exactly what they have […]

Underlay And Overlay Betting: When To Do It

If you’re starting to get more into matched betting, you may have come across the terms underlay and overlay. But what does it mean to overlay or underlay a bet?  In this guide, we will explain what it means to underlay or overlay a bet, why you might do it, and discuss a few examples […]

Mortgage While Matched Betting
How To Get A Mortgage While Matched Betting

If you’ve just gotten started with matched betting, you may have seen a few scare stories about people being denied lending for a mortgage due to their so-called ‘gambling’, or being forced into accepting higher interest repayment rates. In this article, we will take a look at the main reasons why lenders do not like […]

Expected Value: How To Find Value Bets

It is always important to gain as much value from your bets as you can. Making bets that aren’t profitable over time is a sure way to lose money.  How do you know whether a bet is good value or not? We can perform a simple calculation to work out the expected value for any […]

The Best Betfair Trading Software
The Best Betfair Trading Software 2020: Our Honest Review

If you’ve just gotten started trading with Betfair, you will realise that there are a few things that could be simpler. That’s where Betfair Trading Software comes in. If you want to be profitable in the long run, you need to use some kind of software. Fortunately, there are several different options available. But which […]

How to Block IESnare
How to Block IESnare: The Bookmakers Spying Software

Bookmakers might be using technology to spy on your betting activity. This spyware could even be a contributing factor towards getting gubbed. This post will explain exactly what IESnare is and how you can block it from spying on you.

RebelBetting Review
RebelBetting Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know

RebelBetting is an interesting piece of software. Split into three different products, its’ Sure Betting arm is perhaps the most well known. The company has bold claims about its ability to make money, promising a steady profit every month with no (or very little) risk. Is this the best arbitrage software available? Not content with […]

The Best Spread Betting Sites 2021: Our Top Picks Reviewed

Spread betting can be highly lucrative once you know what you’re doing. A spread bet is a wager in which the payoff changes based on the accuracy of the wager. The more accurate the bet, the greater the payoff. Likewise, the less accurate the bet, the greater the loss. Once you have got started with […]

Betting When Banned
Minimum Bet Guarantee: Betting When Banned?

You may just be getting into matched betting and have heard about losing your accounts. Or you may be an experienced bettor who has had your accounts restricted by killjoy bookies. Either way, this guide is for you. We’re going to teach you exactly what a minimum bet guarantee is and how you can use […]