Outplayed Pro Review – The Elite Tier of Matched Betting Tools

In the ever changing world of matched betting, where matched bettors are constantly seeking new free bet offers to keep their tax-free income streaming in, “OutPlayed Pro” emerges as a promising solution to this problem.

Outplayed.com (formally Profit Accumulator) has recently release a new suite of tools that don’t require free bets to make a profit.

This suite of new tools have been developed for serious bettors aiming to surpass the £1000 monthly profit mark. It positions itself as a top-tier membership program, transcending the offerings of its Platinum and Diamond tiers.

In this review, we delve into the intricacies of OutPlayed Pro, examining its touted features and evaluating its efficacy in unlocking significant betting value. Separate to this, we have a detailed review of the OutPlayed platform here.

This is potentially a game changer for all matched bettors, as most would have used all of the sign-up and reload offers available to them.

Let’s see how good these tools really are.

Before we get into the guts of our review, here’s a simple overview of what matched betting is for anyone just familiarising with the strategy. 

Matched Betting

In a nutshell, matched betting is a technique used by someone placing a bet to profit from the free bets and incentives offered regularly by bookmakers. It involves placing bets on either side of an event, to ensure a profit regardless of the result.

This method is considered risk-free, as it’s based on applying a mathematical equation rather than leaving things to chance.

Your win and loss at the very least balance out, and you receive a free bet from the promotion.

You can read more about matched betting here. or sign up to my free matched betting course.

What’s New or Different with Outplayed Pro?

Outplayed Pro, formerly known as Profit Accumulator, is the flagship product now offered by Outplayed. They have two other products, Platinum and Diamond, but Outplayed Pro is a step up in their game.

Offering a premier level of membership aimed at individuals looking to earn over £1,000 per month from matched betting. 

With Outplayed Pro, you get the brand new suite of pro tools + diamond and platinum access.

What sets Outplayed Pro apart is its suite of advanced tools designed to boost profits, enhance efficiency, and unlock bigger returns for less effort.

These tools have been designed so that you don’t need free bets to make a profit.

What are the Tools? The Full Range and What is New

Here is a table breakdown of all the tools on offer across the Outplayed range of platforms. You can see how Outplayed pro stacks up against the others here:

Feature / Membership LevelOutplayed ProDiamondPlatinum
Access to Welcome OffersYesYesYes
Casino OffersYesYesYes
Daily Reload OffersYesYesYes
Bet ClubsYesYesYes
Extra Place OffersYesYesYes
2Up OffersYesYesYes
Advanced Matched Betting ToolsYesLimitedLimited
Extra Place MasterYesNoNo
2Up MasterYesNoNo
Price Boost ProYes (Upon Release)NoNo
Community and SupportEnhancedStandardStandard
Price£495/year initially, then £95/month or £995/yearVariesVaries
Designed ForIndividuals aiming for over £1,000/monthExperienced bettorsBeginners to intermediate

The extra tools that Outplayed Pro has introduced to their offering include:

  • Extra Place Master: This tool simulates the probability of a horse finishing in an extra place, offering a more accurate prediction and helping users identify the most lucrative opportunities. This is something that historically, has had mixed results and not always produces worthwhile profits.

  • 2Up Master: Proclaimed to be a game-changer for football betting offers, this tool calculates the expected value of 2up bets and identifies the most profitable games to focus on. I’m looking forward to having a good go with this tool.

  • Price Boost Pro: Although not yet released at the time of the review, this tool is designed to simplify the management of price boosts. To enhance visibility and tracking to ensure users don’t miss out on any opportunities.

How Good Is The Extra Place Master? How does it work?

The Extra Place Master tool is unique feature of Outplayed Pro, offering a more useful prediction of the likelihood of a horse finishing in an extra place. This is something that has always been a bit problematic in the past. Using implied odds on their own doesn’t really give a great indication of the best position to stake a bet on for the best potential return. 

The Extra Place Master adds more data for you go get a better indication of the percentage chance of a horse hitting the EP, and of the potential return value.

You can make better informed choices and increase your expected profit as a result. You have to remember though, that these bets are not dead certs.

It just gives you better data to increase your potential, not a guarantee of outcome.

The unique features in this tool include:

Probability Simulation: The tool uses a more advanced algorithm to simulate the true probability of a horse finishing in an extra place. 

EP Chance: The EP Chance field provides the calculated percentage chance of your selected horse finishing in the extra place. This figure helps bettors assess the value of a bet based on the likelihood of the horse securing one of the extra positions offered by bookmakers.

Expected Value (EV%): The EV % field presents the calculated expected value of a bet, expressed as a percentage. This helps users understand the potential return on their stake.

This tool not only saves time but also increases the potential for larger, more consistent profits. You can see that the data is much more useful that going off implied odds alone. It’s particularly useful for those dedicated to making the most out of their matched betting efforts, rather than the casual user.

What is the 2Up Master? How does it work and is it any good?

2Up betting is nothing new, but calculating the potential profit from these bets is something that has not always been so straightforward. I can’t think of another tool out there at the moment that does this well. When you consider that it’s these bets that fill up the profit pile for many matched betters, this is no small thing.

The 2Up bet if you don’t know already, is where the bookie offers a position where payouts are made if your team goes two goals up at any point during a match. Regardless of the final result.

Payouts if a team goes two up and then loses the match can be massive, but the chances are incredibly low.

The more data you have to make informed choices on these bets the better, and this tool aims to give you just that.

The features in this tool include:

Full Turnaround Percentages (FTA%):
This feature estimates the likelihood of a full turnaround in a match, meaning the chance that a team goes 2Up and then loses the match. This is crucial for identifying matches where the 2Up offer has the highest potential value.

Expected Value Calculation:
The tool calculates the expected value (EV) of placing a 2Up bet on a particular match. This calculation takes into account the FTA% and other factors, such as team strength and historical performance, to guide users towards the most profitable betting opportunities.

Filtering and Selection:
Users can set filters based on their preferences and the tool’s calculations to find the best matches to bet on, maximizing their chances of benefiting from the 2Up offer.

The 2Up Master tool is, in my mind, the tool that sets Outplayed Pro apart from other platforms. It makes it so much easier to find and calculate the probability of outcome and expected value of 2up offers. You can more easily avoid poor-quality offers. It’s a profound development for maximizing returns from 2up offers. 

Like I said above, I can’t think of another platform at the moment that ticks all these boxes in the same way.

As the payout for these bets can be huge, just being able to avoid low quality offers more effectively can add real value to your profits.

Price Boost Pro – What is it?

Price Boost Pro is an upcoming – yet to be released – feature aimed purely for Outplayed Pro subscribers. The tool is designed to streamline the process of managing and tracking price boosts. While details are still a bit scarce at the time of the review, the anticipation is high for this tool. Real time alerts in particular could be massive.

We will know more when the product is finally released, but these are the features that are promoted for the tool:

Real-Time Alerts:
The tool is expected to provide real-time alerts to users about available price boosts, ensuring they can act quickly to take advantage of these offers.

Tracking and Management:
It will likely offer features to track and manage these price boosts efficiently, helping users to organise their bets and monitor the availability of profitable opportunities.

Profit Calculation:
While specific details are yet to be released, it’s anticipated that Price Boost Pro will calculate the guaranteed profit from each price boost, based on the stake and the enhanced odds, making it easier for users to assess the value of each offer.

Is Outplayed Pro Better, The Same or Worse than the Competition?

There’s nothing like this on the market. FACT.

Nobody else can give you the EV of extra places or 2ups

Outplayed Pro is a massive step up from the other Outplayed subscription packages. You would expect this given the subscription price and the fact you don’t need free bets to profit.

The platform distinguishes itself at the top of the pile through its innovative tools and the potential value they provide.

They also show how much the developers have paid attention to matched betting over the years. Looking for opportunities to improve the process for the end user.

While the price point may seem steep to some, the efficiency gains, time savings, and potential for increased profits may justify the investment when compared to other platforms. The tools are designed to make the decision processes for placing bets much easier and better informed.

For those committed to maximising their returns, Outplayed Pro could definitely be a worthwhile choice. Use the tools to their potential, and they certainly offer more than i’ve seen in a platform before.

On the surface, these tools may offer significant benefits to matched betters. Especially for those that bet often, looking for regular gains. As with anything in this sphere though, the true results and benefits can only be truly determined over time.

Real gains are not overnight and it is trends that are more important than short term gains in this game. So far, I can say that it really does have potential. Time will tell on the rest.

The tools in OutPlayed Pro membership level is definitely for advanced users. If you’re new to matched betting, we would recommend signing up to either Platinum or Diamond membership, go through all the tutorials and cut your teeth with free bet matched betting first.

Sign up here to get your free trial.

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