Does mug betting work?

Mug Betting Experiment: Does Mug Betting Work?

It’s long been debated in the industry:

Does mug betting actually work? 

We got sick of the arguing (at best) and complete misinformation (at worst) and decided to run a small experiment to see if we could reach a definitive answer one way or the other.

At the start of 2019, we got 20 testers on board — 20 modern day heroes — that were willing to potentially jeopardise the long-term health of their betting accounts (and their profits too) in the name of science.

We split these 20 testers into two groups of 10; those that would become mug bettors and those that would never do mug betting.

Below, you’ll find the results of our experiment and a few bits of commentary too. (more…)

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Arbitrage Betting Guide

The Definitive Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Who said you can’t make money betting?

Many professionals create effective strategies to make a profit when betting. However, the vast majority of strategies are based on extensive data analysis and still rely on chance. Most bettors that rely on chance end up losing.

However, there a number of simple systems that don’t require any knowledge of form — or even of sport — in order to generate profits.

We’re going to look at one of those today.

Arbitrage betting, also known as arbing, is something taken from stock markets and retail. In these instances, arbitrage is the action of buying an asset in one market to sell it simultaneously in another market at a higher price.

The difference between the buying and selling price makes it possible to guarantee a profit.

So how can we use this financial concept to make money in the betting industry? We’re going to teach you everything you need to know. (more…)

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Tennis Betting Rules: Retirement & Disqualification

The rules between bookmakers and exchanges vary depending on the length of the match that has been completed.

This is important for matched betting because if a player retires through injury, or gets disqualified (though this is extremely rare), you could end up losing your bet at the bookmaker and your exchange. Of course, you could also win both bets, but the risk is great — it’s an unnecessary gamble to take.

Because of these differences in rules, many people are put off by tennis. There is very little reason to be afraid — just make sure the retirement rules match beforehand and you’re fine.

Please be aware, we have tried to ensure that this list is accurate and up-to-date. However, it’s your responsibility to double check that terms match up. If you do notice any mistakes in this list, it would be great if you could let us know by email.

Below, you’ll find our full list of tennis retirement rules and disqualification rules, organised by the length of time required to have progressed in the match for your bet to be settled if one player is withdrawn early.


One Set Completed

138 – View Full Terms & Conditions
(Be aware, a surface change will void the bet.)

21Bet – View Full Terms & Conditions

32Red – View Full Terms & Conditions

888sport – View Full Terms & Conditions

BETDAQ – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betfair Sportsbook – View Full Terms & Conditions
(Disqualification rules don’t match. Dutch with Paddy Power if worried.)

Betfair Exchange – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betfred – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betsafe – View Full Terms & Conditions

BlackType – View Full Terms & Conditions

Bruce Betting – View Full Terms & Conditions

Bwin – View Full Terms & Conditions

Coral – View Full Terms & Conditions

Dafabet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Genting – View Full Terms & Conditions

Grosvenor – View Full Terms & Conditions

Jenningsbet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Ladbrokes – View Full Terms & Conditions

LeoVegas – View Full Terms & Conditions

Marathonbet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Matchbook – View Full Terms & Conditions

Mr Green – View Full Terms & Conditions

Paddy Power – View Full Terms & Conditions
(Disqualification rules don’t match. Dutch with Betfair Sportsbook if worried.)

Party Poker – View Full Terms & Conditions

Pinnacle – View Full Terms & Conditions

Redbet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Skybet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Smarkets – View Full Terms & Conditions

Sportingbet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Toals – View Full Terms & Conditions

Totesport – View Full Terms & Conditions

Unibet – View Full Terms & Conditions


Full Match Completed

Because there are no exchanges in this category, you’re required to dutch two bookmakers within this list. Note: dutching means to back one player at one bookmaker and then back the other player at another bookmaker.

10Bet – View Full Terms & Conditions

12Bet – View Full Terms & Conditions

188Bet – View Full Terms & Conditions
(Be aware, a surface change will void the bet.) – View Full Terms & Conditions

Bet-at-home – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betboro – View Full Terms & Conditions

BetBull – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betclic – View Full Terms & Conditions

BetMcLean – View Full Terms & Conditions

Boylesports – View Full Terms & Conditions

ComeOn – View Full Terms & Conditions

Energybet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Fun88 – View Full Terms & Conditions

Geoff Banks – View Full Terms & Conditions

Guts – View Full Terms & Conditions

Jetbull – View Full Terms & Conditions

K8 – View Full Terms & Conditions

Karamba – View Full Terms & Conditions

LVBet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Mansionbet – View Full Terms & Conditions

McBookie – View Full Terms & Conditions

Mobilebet – View Full Terms & Conditions

MoPlay – View Full Terms & Conditions

NetBet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Novibet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Rizk – View Full Terms & Conditions

Royal Panda – View Full Terms & Conditions

SportNation – View Full Terms & Conditions

SportPesa – View Full Terms & Conditions

TonyBet – View Full Terms & Conditions

Vernons – View Full Terms & Conditions

William Hill – View Full Terms & Conditions

Winner – View Full Terms & Conditions


Full Match Completed: DQ Not Included

You should dutch between these bookmakers because their disqualification rules don’t align with the other bookmakers or exchanges.

Bet365 – View Full Terms & Conditions

BetStars – View Full Terms & Conditions

Betway – View Full Terms & Conditions

BetVictor – View Full Terms & Conditions

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Profit Accumulator review 2018

Profit Accumulator Review 2019: Honest Review of Profit Accumulator

We get TONNES of requests for a Profit Accumulator review.

For those of you looking for an honest review, look no further.

We completely understand why so many people ask for it:

It can be really tough making decisions online with your money these days, especially when many people are worried that matched betting is a con.

There are plenty of other Profit Accumulator reviews out there, but when a large number of those sites earn money by convincing you to join the company, can you be certain that they can be trusted?

We wanted to provide the most detailed, in-depth and honest post possible for anyone wondering if Profit Accumulator ltd are any good.

That’s exactly what we’ve done here.

Read through to the end and remember to reach your own conclusions, everything you read here is simply our opinion based on testing and experience.


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Best matched betting sites

The Best Matched Betting Sites 2019 – Our Top Picks Reviewed

What is the best matched betting site?

We’re looking to settle that debate once and for all, with this comprehensive and in-depth matched betting site comparison.

In fact…

We’re fairly confident that it will be the most in-depth comparison on this subject that you’ll find anywhere on the internet in 2019.

Read on to find out what we think of the best free matched betting sites and the best paid ones too.  (more…)

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Oddsmonkey review

Oddsmonkey Review 2019: The Review Their Competition Don’t Want You to See

It seems that we sparked a little bit of excitement when we posted our review of Profit Accumulator

Because of this, we thought it was only fair to review their biggest competitor…

As you should have come to expect with Beating Betting, you will find zero bullsh** in this Oddsmonkey review.

We don’t beat around the bush, only providing honest facts in order to help you make an informed opinion on the best matched betting site for you.

Please note: 

There are a number of fake review sites out there, spreading incorrect statements in an attempt to get attention and income.

You can always trust that we’re real people that have really used all products that we review in depth.

So, with that in mind, do you want to hear our honest review of Oddsmonkey?

Find out how we review the service, and how we made £1,403.50 (with photo evidence!) on just one low-risk offer in this post.  (more…)

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Dutching betting guide

Dutching: Making Profits Without the Use of Exchanges

This guide has been a long time coming.

Dutching, or the process of betting across multiple bookmakers for the purpose of making a profit, is a necessary tactic for a couple of main reasons.

The first of those reasons is more simple:

Sometimes, those that are matched betting need to find an alternative to a betting exchange – perhaps there isn’t a market available on the exchange yet, or that there isn’t a close odds match available.

The second of the reasons is slightly more complex, and it means I need to split this guide into to sections.

That second reason is this:

Betting exchanges aren’t available in every country in the world.

Most notably, America doesn’t have exchanges. A large portion of Africa doesn’t. The list goes on.

It is impossible for me to have a guide that lists how to do matched betting in every single country in the world.

I simply don’t have the capacity to write that much, never mind the fact that I’d need to know the legislation in every country, the bookmakers based in each one too, the terms that go with their offers…I’m sure you see where I’m coming from. 

Those in countries without betting exchanges need to dutch every bet; that’s the qualifying bet (to unlock a free bet) and free bets too.

I will be covering foreign countries in the second half of this post – feel free to skip straight to it – but let’s dive into the quicker-to-explain first scenario right now. (more…)

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Double delight hat-trick heaven ddhh

Exploiting Double Delight, Hat-Trick Heaven for Profit

‘Double delight, hat-trick heaven’, or ‘DDHH’ as it’s more commonly referred to in the world of ‘no-risk’ matched betting, is a really exciting offer that gives us plenty of expected value (EV) and potential long-term profits.

In this guide we’re going to be looking at how to profit from the DDHH offer and give you a variety of tips for making the most success from it. (more…)

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How to do the 2 up matched betting offer

How to Profit from ‘2UP’ on Bet365 & Paddy Power

One of the most exciting offers in the matched betting world is the ‘2 up’ offer that can be found on Bet365 and Paddy Power.

This is a great offer for multiple reasons:

For those without a lot of spare time, it can give large profits for little effort (although a bit of patience will be required).

For those in the early stages of matched betting, it can give bankrolls a hefty boost if luck is on side.

And for those with large bankrolls, there is the possibility for four-figure profits from a single winning bet, with very minimal financial risk to go with it.

In this guide we’re going to be looking at how to exploit the 2-up offer, the different 2-up strategies you can use and also a range of hints and tips for making the most profit possible.


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VIP scheme qualification

How to Get into Bookmaker VIP Schemes

Bookmaker VIP schemes can be extremely lucrative for matched bettors.

They will likely be unprofitable for regular high stakes bettors, although will appear amazing on the surface. That’s exactly why they’re designed – to tempt high earners to lose even more than they were previously over a long period of time.

We here at Beating Betting, and friends of ours, have been VIP members at Coral, Ladbrokes, 888 and Betway, as well as various casinos.

With that said, it’s probably fair to say that we know a thing or two about qualifying for VIP programmes.

We’ve also had correspondence with multiple people that claim to be VIP members of Bet365, Betfred and other lesser-known bookies.

Whilst we don’t have concrete evidence of these existing because we’ve not been a part of them ourselves, we’ve had enough discussion around qualification, account management and the types of offers received to say with some confidence that they are, or were, almost certainly real.

Let’s dive in to telling you exactly how you can be invited to VIP status. (more…)

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