How to Use Smarkets: Everything You Need to Know

Betfair Exchange is not the only betting exchange out there. Smarkets offer a service that is similar, but there are a few key differences that we will go over in the following Smarkets guide.

We’ll help get you started backing and laying on their exchange, teaching you exactly how to use Smarkets, and we’ll also go over some of the technical details involved in using the website. 


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How to Use Betfair Exchange: The Beginner’s Guide

If you’re just getting started with matched betting, you will have seen that using a betting exchange, such as Betfair Exchange, is essential. 

But how is a betting exchange different to a regular bookmaker? And how do you effectively use a betting exchange?

This in-depth guide will answer all of your questions and help get you started backing and laying.


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What is matched betting & how do you do it

What Is Matched Betting & How Do You Do It? [2019 Guide]

Welcome to the biggest & best no-risk matched betting guide on this planet.

I’ll cover absolutely all of the basics & ensure you walk away knowing more than you would from any other beginner tutorial (that’s fighting talk, I know!).

I’m going to show you, step-by-step, the strategy I’ve used to make over £75,000 in the easiest profits I could have imagined.

Who am I, exactly? I’m Luke, founder of Beating Betting. We’re one of the largest free resources for all your betting needs and have no affiliation with bookmakers or casinos — they don’t like us (and we don’t like them).

I’ve taught thousands of people how to matched bet right here on the site and via the Beating Betting YouTube channel, which has thousands of active subscribers.

The next few minutes could change your life. I’m not exaggerating.

This strategy won’t be around forever, so count yourself lucky that you’ve found it today.

Everything here is free, so make use of it!


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Reload Offers Matched Betting

Reload Offers Guide: Life After Sign-Up Offers Are Complete

If you’re new to the idea of matched betting, you’ve probably thought to yourself:

“…But after all the sign-up offers, how do you make money?

If you haven’t asked that, you’re in the minority – believe me!

Figuring out how to make money after sign-up offers is something the vast majority of newcomers are puzzled by.

But the answer is easy:

The way we continue to make money online via the bookies is with something called reload offers.

We’ll explain exactly what they are and give you a wide range of examples of reload offers within this post. 


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What is a lay bet

What is a Lay Bet? Lay Betting Explained

If you’re looking to start matched betting, learning what a lay bet is – and how to place a lay bet – is an absolute necessity.

Every single bet you place will involve laying bets off.

The process sounds a lot trickier than it actually is; it’s extremely easy!


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How much can be made matched betting

How Much Can You Make from Matched Betting?

We are commonly asked how much you can make from matched betting.

…Or more specifically…

How much profit have YOU made?

We rarely comment on exactly how much we make – although you can read about our record month if you’re interested to see us at our best.

After we clear that up, the vast majority of people are usually pretty interested in knowing more.

So how much money can I make?!

Once people realise how much money is possible from this simple process, things usually get pretty exciting.

…And why wouldn’t they? We were all there once.

How much you can earn from matched betting depends on a few things that we break down in this post.


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