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The Definitive Live Betting Guide
In-Play Betting Tips: The Definitive Live Betting Guide

If you’re like us, what intrigues you the most about football betting is the prospect of earning easy money, and the limitless possibilities of in-play betting markets offered by sportsbooks is a way to make some serious dough. With many options at your fingertips such as betting challenges, how do you determine what in-play bet is […]

IPL Betting Tips
IPL Betting Tips: How to Bet (Profitably!) on the IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is essentially what the English Premier League of football is to cricket. There is lots on the line and plenty of money at stake, for teams and bettors alike. In this guide, we’ll look at how knowledge of the various quirks of the IPL can be used to create a strong betting strategy. 

Football Betting Systems That Work
Football Betting Systems That WORK (& The Ones That Don’t)

Those looking to convert their football knowledge into income via a bookmaker will often use a mix of research and instincts as the basis for decision making on bets. Yet, even when equipped with a profound knowledge of the sport, they can still be caught out without an adequate system or football betting strategy. Despite having confidence in your own ability […]

Betfair Horse Trading
Betfair Horse Racing Trading: How to Make Money Trading on the Horses

This is it, you’ve read our previous article – the Guide to Betfair Trading for Beginners – and now you’re ready to become a real trader! If you haven’t, you know what to do now. From here on out we’re going to assume you’ve got the basics nailed down. This means, you should have: A Betfair account (sign-up […]

Horse Racing Betting Tips
Horse Racing Betting Tips: How to Make Money on Horse Racing

Horse racing is a hugely popular sport to bet on. It’s also a time consuming exercise for those with the desire to successfully turn a profit. A wealth of knowledge is needed to pick out high quality horse racing betting tips, and with thousands of horse races taking part annually, it’s easy to accumulate statistics […]

Profitable Football Challenge Bet Tactics & Strategies
Betting Challenges: Profitable Football Challenge Bet Tactics & Strategies

Everyone dreams of amassing a fortune through betting. If that is your goal, you’ve come to the right place. If you have £10-£20 and some patience, you can grow that figure into a sizeable amount if you have a cool head and nerves of steel. Whilst this method has its risks, it has certainly been the […]

College Football NCAAF Betting Tips
How to Bet Profitably on College American Football: NCAAF Betting Tips

Who doesn’t like unpredictable games, high-octane offences, and smash-mouth sports? It is no wonder that college American football has gained a cult-like following. Deep rooted in traditions and bitter rivalries, die-hard fans from all around the world go the extra mile to watch and root for their favourite teams. Often labeled as the purest form […]

NHL betting tips
NHL Betting Tips: How to Bet on Ice Hockey (Profitably!)

It seems like a distant memory now, but not too long ago the National Hockey League was an association dominated by Canadian-born athletes. Now there is a growing group of players born in America and Europe who are entering the sport, which has led to a spike in popularity of the game throughout the world. […]

Fantasy Premier League Beginner’s Guide
Fantasy Premier League Beginner’s Guide: How to Win at FPL

If you’re a beginner or novice Fantasy Premier League (FPL) player, then this guide will help transform you into a powerhouse capable of winning your mini-leagues and taking on the top 50k places or better – a goal many people simply dream of achieving. 

MLS Betting Tips
How to Bet Profitably on the MLS

Having covered the basics in our football betting tips masterclass, we are turning our attention to the unique aspects of wagering on certain leagues. In this post, the focus is Major League Soccer, otherwise known as MLS. Football is growing in the United States and the MLS is benefitting through strong TV viewership and packed stadiums. […]