Matched Betting Accumulators: Making a Profit with Accumulator Refunds 2024

How to do matched accumulator bets

Accumulator bets are widely known for being a huge gamble.

They can bring immense joy – but more often tears – when watching the sporting results come in.


Did you know that it’s actually possible to make a profit on every single accumulator you place?

With matched betting accumulators, you have multiple methods to generate either instant or long-term profits from each one.

In this post we explore the four main methods of matched accumulator betting and teach you how to make a consistent profit with them. 

Accas are one of the best reload offers as they’re available at a wide range of bookies and are often able to be triggered constantly, or at least very regularly, too.

Whilst they are exceptional offers, there’s no doubt they’re one of the two most intimidating for beginners – along with extra places.

Below, we will show you each method and teach you exactly how to use them.

Before we start:

Accumulator refunds are not for total beginners, or those with small bankrolls.

We recommend that you need a minimum of a £1,000 bankroll before making your first steps into these offers.

You will also, potentially, need good organisational ability. This isn’t essential and will only apply more heavily to a couple of methods.

The Tools You Will Need

As always with matched betting, having a tool to help us out means that we don’t even need to do any of the thinking ourselves.

Technology does the hard work for us – we just need to do the manual work of placing the bets the software tells us to.

There are two main products that we recommend for accumulator offers, you will need just one of them:

The first two in that list offer other tools in addition to their accumulator software. Acca Generator is purely made – as the name suggests – to generate profitable accumulators.

Lay Sequential

Lay Sequential Accas

The image above is an automatically generated accumulator via Oddsmonkey (free trial here), worth an estimated £5.35 in profit.

We’ve selected the ‘Lay Sequentially’ option in their filter – this method means that we’ll be laying each game off one-by-one.

Because we need to know the result of one game before moving onto the next, it means it’s extremely important that none of the games overlap.

You need each game to have finished before the next one starts, so that you have time to lay off the next fixture if necessary.

Having a tool to generate the fixtures is essential for this; it’s simply far too time consuming to do these offers otherwise.

If you notice, all of the games kick off with at least a couple of hours between kick-offs, commonly spread across multiple days.

Back in the earlier days of matched betting, finding and planning these fixtures was a manual job. A profitable, but time consuming job.

How Sequential Laying Works

The first step, once you have found a generated accumulator, is to place the bet.

Add all of the teams into the betslip at the bookmaker shown on the acca tool, double check the odds have remained the same, choose your stake and submit the bet.

Remember, the higher the odds of your accumulator and the higher your stake, the more balance you will need in your exchange.

Ensure your stakes within your acca tool and your bet are the same, and then hit the ‘Save’ button.

It will tell you the lay stake of your first game, so you can go ahead and lay that match for the stake advised.

Your lay stake will increase each time there is a win, but the amount of profit you earn with this method also increases with more wins.

That’s why, in the screenshot from a little further above, the £5.38 profit value is only expected, not guaranteed.

This is the average profit figure you should generate in the long-term by placing this exact accumulator at those exact odds. For example, if you placed this exact bet 100 times, you should expect to come out with £538 profit.

If a game wins, you click the ‘won’ button and move onto laying the next leg. The stake will be automatically recalculated for you based on the odds drifting or coming in.

Every time a game in a ‘live’ acca wins – i.e. one with no losses – you move onto laying the next leg:

Lay sequential accumulator guide

When a leg loses, you hit the ‘Lost’ button. If two legs lose then we’d lose the qualifying amount.

If all of your games win, you will instantly make a profit as long as you underlay the final leg.

If just one of the games lost, let’s say the fourth leg – which is the Paris Saint-Germain match featured above – we’d make a loss of £10.67, but we’d have a £50 free bet to use.

As we can generate around £40 profit from a £50 free bet, we’d leave with £39.33 profit in that scenario.

It is vital you find a way to keep yourself reminded of fixtures and results so that you don’t forget to lay off the next leg in your acca.

Making use of alerts or alarms in your phone can be great for this.

Lay Sequential: Profit Lock-In

This method seemed to really take off back in 2016.

It is virtually the same method as above, except the calculations are worked out slightly differently within the software.

This means that the EV figure – that’s the expected value of the accumulator – is much more accurate.

The actual process is exactly the same; lay off your matches one by one.

If a match wins, continue laying as normal.

However, if you have a loser, continue laying until you hit a second loser.

With this variant, you will always lay until two legs have lost or until your acca is complete with just one or no loss.

The EV of the acca will be extremely close to the profit you generate on each accumulator, barring any huge odds drifts which are rare and can actually generate more profit if they move in the right direction.

Lay At Start

For those that are concerned about forgetting to lay legs off, there is another option that will allow you to lay off all of your legs before all of the games kick-off in one go.

This is the ‘Lay At Start’ method, as shown here on Oddsmonkey‘s acca tool:

Lay All Accumulator

Also known as a ‘lay all accumulator’, this method allows you to lay your entire accumulator at the start, with varying results.

Each accumulator has an expected value (EV), but there may be some times where you have qualifying losses to deal with.

There may also be times where you hit bigger profits than you expect.

In the example shown above, the profit can vary from -£25.62 all the way up to +£193.88.

In the top right of the image, you can see the varying profits and losses depending on a range of win and loss combinations up to 3 losses.

The EV of the bet above is £9.87, meaning on average that is the profit we would generate from it.

With this form of matched accumulator, it’s simply a case of placing the bet, saving the acca within the tool and then laying all of your bets off.

The benefits with this method are obviously time, you can have overlapping fixtures, and you’ll also have all of your acca’s liability instantly tied up.

This means you know exactly how much money you have to play with for other bets.

With the aforementioned sequential method, later legs can often leave you struggling for funds if your bankroll is on the smaller side.

The downside with these is that you can face qualifying losses, and the chance of the biggest wins comes when you need all of the short-priced favourites to fail to win.

However, as is shown with the EV, they are still an extremely profitable long-term option and can save you significant amounts of time fiddling around with bets.

This would be our recommended method for those who are short on time, don’t have a huge bankroll, but can still cope with a few qualifying losses.

No Lay

This method is similar to the ‘Lay At Start’ in that there is no need to return to legs to lay them off one by one.

Again, you can have overlapping fixtures with this method with no issues.

However, as the name suggests, you literally don’t lay a single leg with this method.

No lay.

You just place the accumulator that the tool gives you and hope that all of the teams win.

This might seem like gambling, but it’s actually advantage play.

As long as your odds are low enough – the EV increases the lower the odds are – whilst still being high enough to satisfy bookmaker T&Cs, you’ll make a long-term profit via this method.

For example, the following acca has an EV of £6.43 on a £25 stake:

No lay acca tutorial

You of course need to make sure you’re generating 80% returns from your acca refund free bets to ensure these remain as profitable as possible.

This is a profitable acca because the odds are all low and, most importantly, they’re all extremely close matches with the exchange.

When these two things combine, along with the offer of acca insurance, you can make profitable decisions simply with ‘advantage play’.

Whilst we don’t need the lay odds to bet against our accumulators, these odds from the exchange give us the implied chance of a team actually winning.

This is because there is no bookmaker margin to contend with.

The closer to kick-off you are, the more accurate this implied figure is.

We’d recommend no lays to those with larger bankrolls (£5k+) that can safely accommodate large swings in variance.

You also need to fully understand how EV works and trust in the system for this method to be suitable for you.

Don’t jump in at £50 stakes either, start small (£10) and after you’ve placed 50 or 100 and gathered your results, move up to £20 or £25.

£50 no lays are for people with big bankrolls – that’s £20k+ – in our opinion; especially if you’re looking to do them in large volume.

However, no lays can be very profitable even at the smaller stakes, so once you’re comfortable with variance and EV, they may be an option for you.


Of the four methods, we recommend the lay sequential lock-in method for the majority of matched bettors.

If you have a big bankroll and a strong mentality for coping with variance, no lay will likely be the most profitable long-term option for you.

We’d recommend going for £10 stakes to start with until you learn accas.

If you have new accounts, or don’t have a history of betting big with a bookie, we would not advise smashing on £50 accas or anything like that.

Build up slowly and this could become an extremely profitable earner for you.

Here are the two main services we currently recommend for accumulator refunds once again:

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About the Author

This post was written by Luke Jordan. Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of 2016 and ran the site until February 2020. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation.

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2 thoughts on “Matched Betting Accumulators: Making a Profit with Accumulator Refunds 2024

  1. jim says:

    This is an excellent site! I recently joined Oddsmonkey on your recommendation and I’ve been very impressed so far.

    One question I have regarding accas. On the Oddsmonkey acca tool, the most profitable accas seem to include obscure matches from abroad. If I put these accas on, will my account be flagged up as a matched bettor?


    1. Luke says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks, and glad you’re enjoying OM!

      I would say the reason you’re seeing this with accas is due to the time of year – end of June in a non-World Cup/European Championship season is always quiet with matches. I would try to avoid the obscure stuff and be patient, it will pick up again in August no doubt.

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