Each Way Sniper Review: Will it Make You Money?

Each Way Sniper Review

In this review of Each Way Sniper, we’ll be looking at:

Whether the software is a profitable investment…

The benefits and drawbacks of the system…

…and how it compares to its competition.

As always here on Beating Betting, we’ve gone in-depth with this Each Way Sniper review, so it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy our honest assessment.


What is Each Way Sniper?

Each Way Sniper is one of Mike Cruikshank’s products; he’s the brains behind Profit Maximiser and a whole range of other money-spinners.

Thanks to people like Mike, we are consistently able to make money from bookies by using strategies and methods formed by mathematics as opposed to mere chance or luck.

Each Way Sniper is another tool that allows us to game the system.

These products are designed to give you a way to get around the intentional unfairness that lies inside the system, instead of just pouring away money that you will never see again.

Each Way Sniper is designed as an arbitrage product, based around getting profit from a bet without needing to rely on a free bet or a promotion.

The product itself costs a really respectable £56.40 (£47 + VAT) which is the cost for a lifetime membership.

If you’d like to check it out in more detail, you can do so via this link.

Of course, the cost of something doesn’t really mean anything – it’s how good the product is and whether it will be useful for you.

We’ll analyse those things in detail a little later in this review.


How to Use Each Way Sniper

The Each Way Sniper system comes with video tutorials, general concepts to read before you dive in to lay your first bet and also an each way arbing calculator, along with the Sniper system software itself.

Once you have taken in and understood the training material, you can dive right into the betting.

You’ll also be using a calculator to help you understand your profit margins and just what you stand to lose or gain when you make a bet.

You’ll begin by making your first few bets, known in this system as ‘snipes’.

The software is extremely easy to use.

Each Way Sniper is essentially a live feed – we’re told that it’s the closest to ‘real time’ when compared to its competition – showing you bookmaker odds on horses, along with the horse’s lay odds for the win and place part on Betfair.

Each horse will also have a ‘rating’ – anything above 100 means you will guarantee an instant profit.

The system works by exploiting each way arbitrage opportunities – you do not need free bets or promotions for this.

Now, of course, you’re not going to be winning thousands with every bet.

This isn’t some fantasy product designed to sell you a scenario that doesn’t exist and is never going to happen, outside of some ridiculous one-in-a-million-chance.

Instead, the way you’ll accumulate any sort of meaning profit is by making bets and retaining small amounts of profit over time.

Depending on your stakes, you may only make a few quid on each bet, but if you do five or ten bets a day, that can add up and by the end of the month, you could have a few hundred extra quid that you made in your spare time with very little effort.


Each Way Sniper Main Features

  • Ability to spot arbitrage opportunities on all UK & Ireland horse races
  • Calculator for easily figuring lay stakes
  • Can be used to full effect in extra place races
  • Option to tick-off/hide horses once you have already bet on them

With Each Way Sniper, you have three main options available to you.

Firstly, the most common reason to use it is simply to back, lay and lock-in a profit on every single bet. We’ve already discussed that in some detail within this post, so we’ll try not to repeat ourselves and move on.

Secondly, there is the option to gamble with the bets.

Hear me out:

This is a tried, tested and proven ‘advantage play’ strategy.

Arbitrage opportunities mean that bookmakers have essentially priced their selections incorrectly – and betting on them is +EV. This is one of the reasons that bookmakers hate arbs so much (because you will make a long-term profit from them, as well as taking value).

Your Return On Investment (ROI) will likely be small, around 2-3%, but it can be better than leaving it sitting in a bank account.

There will of course be times that you lose and variance will likely mean you go on both winning and losing streaks, but long-term you will see a profit via this method as long as you stick it out.

Finally, the main reason I give this Each Way Sniper review a solid 4-star rating, is how good the software is for exploiting extra place races.

With the ability to filter out all horses that don’t qualify for extra place races, odds that update quicker than anywhere else (or so I’m led to believe) and a feature that allows you to prevent horses that you’ve already bet on from showing up, it makes the process of covering a large volume of horses extremely efficient.

As I’ve said before, I often try to cover the entire field of horses for extra place races, so tools like this are invaluable for me.

You only need to hit one extra place to cover the entire cost of the product when you purchase via this link.


Comparison vs. Competitors

The only real product to compare Each Way Sniper to is the Each Way Matcher, part of Oddsmonkey’s arsenal.

The competitor includes the tool as part of a £15-per-month membership, so it would take four months of use of Each Way Sniper for it to reach ‘breakeven’ on the expenses, although you have to factor in the amount of money that can be made with each tool and also the other things that are included with OM, so it’s important to note that I’m only trying to really simplify the cost for you above.

I’m not trying to knock the Each Way Matcher too much because it’s one of my favourite tools (and OM is the service I recommend more than any other on this site) but it’s clear that Each Way Sniper will be more suitable for you if you’re planning on putting a good amount of time into each way betting and arbing.

The ability to filter and remove horses that you’ve already bet on is almost worth paying for alone, and the speed at which the odds update does appear to be quicker on Each Way Sniper too, although we can’t definitively prove this.

The fact that your potential profit (based on your stake) is shown also gives EWS the edge in our opinion.

EDIT: Oddsmonkey have now released an improved tool for each-way betting; the Extra Place Matcher. We will be updating this review when we’ve had time to test that product out in detail, but for the time being Each Way Sniper remains our most-recommended tool for this task.


Our Honest Opinions on Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper is a fantastic product and there’s no doubt in our mind that it’s the best tool for the job in our opinion.

It isn’t perfect, however, and it has its downsides. By far the biggest downside it has is the damage it can cause to your accounts.

You will get gubbed and stake restricted by taking each-way arbs. 

Some bookies are more lenient than others, but they’ll all get you at some point – especially on new accounts.

Bookies aren’t interested in having you in the run if you’re only making money off of them and not the other way around.

The good thing is that Each Way Sniper is designed to make money without having to rely so heavily on bonuses.

By picking up the arbitrage profits, or by hitting extra places, you’re going to squeeze serious life out of the gubbed accounts that you thought were rendered useless.

It is almost impossible to not recoup the price of EWS via the profits you’ll generate from it in your first month alone.

This means it’s virtually a no-lose investment, unless you don’t put the time in to place some bets.

Each Way Sniper is an incredible bargain for what it offers.

You can check the product out for yourself here.

Please leave any questions you have about the product in the comments below – we will answer them as quickly as possible.

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About the Author

This post was written by Luke Jordan. Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of 2016 and ran the site until February 2020. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation.

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12 thoughts on “Each Way Sniper Review: Will it Make You Money?

  1. Pedro says:

    If I have the Oddsmonkey and can use the eachway matcher does it worth to have the sniper? Or both candour the exact same job?

    Thanks and congratulations for your website

    1. Luke says:

      The Extra Place Matcher, combined with Each Way Matcher, should be enough for you.


  2. ALAN DALLISON says:

    Hi, I’m using E/W Sniper but losing a few times and probably more than i thought. I’m not using Betfair to lay the bets as i didn’t think i had to. I thought i just run the software and thats it. Where am i going wrong please?

    1. Luke says:

      Hi Alan, it would probably be worth speaking to someone from their customer service team to see if they can advise on how you can make the most of their product :)

  3. Rick says:

    Hi, I’m using E/W sniper auto software and have been doing for just a couple of days. I currently have a profit of £90 placing £1 e/w bets, which I am happy about. My concern is that in a very short amount of time, I have been gubbed by two bookies, with only 3 bets made with these particular bookies. I contacted Mike and I have been advised that this is because I am using too many bonuses. I am very new to this and don’t recall requesting bonuses; I just set up new accounts and the software. When I purchased this, I was not aware that I could be gubbed (actually I have only just learnt the term, whilst looking into my account restrictions). Maybe it is my ignorance, but I cannot see the problem the bookies have with this betting as I have made 47 bets over 6 bookies, with 12 wins, so I am losing races too. On one of the gubbed accounts, I cannot place a bet as it states ‘best odd guaranteed not available’ and I cannot see how to place a bet not using best odds. Is there anything you know I should be doing to prevent being gubbed by more bookies?

    1. Luke Jordan says:

      Hi Rick, welcome to the world of the bookies that most people don’t get to see — they don’t let knowledgeable or skilled bettors play. Losers only.

      We have info on mug betting strategies on the site, but this will only help your accounts for so long. You have a choice really: take the profits and be gubbed, or lose money and be allowed to play. :)

      1. Graham says:

        Hi Luke, I have been gubbed by 5 bookies using the sniper, what puzzled me is that two of the accounts had been losing money both around £30 from a £50 starting bank . I guess they think I’m a big time gambler about to make a fortune. placing £1 e/w bets……. Not a good advert for bookies and they should be honest in their advertising and inform people that they will accept losing customers only. I hope other bookies get added to the software as the system is very good.

        1. Luke Jordan says:

          Yeah, the bookies will be likely to gub you if they spot that you are able to take value – the winning or losing aspect doesn’t really matter, it’s all in how skillful you are and they’ll get rid of you if you show any sign of knowhow.

  4. Paul says:

    So, will this software have you gubbed to the point of not being able to place any bets what-so-ever no matter how small the bet?? Cheers Luke, Hope you’re well.

    1. Luke Jordan says:

      Eventually every bookmaker will limit you to very small amounts, or no amounts, if you beat them with any method.

  5. Rick says:

    Hi Luke, an update from my original post on 13th Nov 2019. My £1 e/w bets grew to £2.50 e/w and my bank increased from £90 to £1500. I was very happy with the system, but unfortunately the bookies weren’t, so gubbed me. Most of my bets were going to Bet365 (10 maximum a day) and they were the last bookie who had gubbed me so I stopped using the system mid December, thinking I can go back to it. Anyway, without any further bets, on December 24th I received an email from Skybet restricting my account. I agree with Graham’s comment and also feel that the bookies need to be made to explain to a regulator why they have stopped accounts. What would be really good is if this software worked on Betfair exchange

  6. Terry says:

    It’s a question I’ve asked Mike, but he’s adamant it won’t work on exchanges which I find surprising as comms is now mostly 2%(if opting for it on betfair) so it wouldn’t hurt too much and betfair /betdaq offer e/w markets.. Also non runners don’t affect how many places there are on exchanges I think? I too loved this product but have no worthwhile accounts left to use it on. I lasted about 4 months then I lost 5 accounts in a week once Bet365 went there is very little point in using the software as I found 70-80% of bets were placed with them. If it could be set up for exchanges I’d be all for it even if it meant a little less value.

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