Coral £20 Free Bet for New Customers – 2024

Coral sign up offer

Coral Sign-Up Offer Overview

Minimum deposit needed: £5


Exchange balance required: £60-£90 (we recommend using Smarkets)

Free bet value: £20 (4 x £5 bets)

Expected profit: £14

Disclaimer: UK only. Whilst we do our best to update instructions, it is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions for this offer on the bookmaker’s site to ensure you meet the requirements for receiving and using bonus funds. If you notice any changes to the Coral offer or terms, you can let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this page. 

We do not link to Coral directly because we do not believe in having any affiliation with, or tie to, bookmakers. Bookmaker affiliates profit from your losses and that is not what we’re here for.


Qualifying Bet

Minimum odds: 1.5

Minimum bet stake: £5

Open up the oddsmatcher and search for a suitable bet with odds of at least 1.5.

Follow our recommended oddsmatcher instructions if you’re unsure what to do here.


Calculating the lay stake

Open up our calculator and input your stake, back odds, the lay odds on Smarkets, and the Smarkets commission of 2% (or 0% if you’re on a promotional deal).

Qualifying bet coral calculation

The above calculator screenshot uses dummy odds for the purpose of the example. You will need to ensure you input the odds from Coral and the lay odds from Smarkets correctly. 

Your back stake is £5.

Your back odds is the price you took on Coral (minimum of 1.5).

Your lay odds is the lay price available on Smarkets (probably slightly higher than the back odds).

Follow the calculation and lay the recommended stake on Smarkets.

You’ll see the calculator say ‘At odds of Y you could lay £X.XX’.

Lay that figure using the blue ‘lay’ box next to your team on Smarkets.

Lay odds

The liability is the amount you need in your Smarkets balance.

You will lose a small amount in this qualifying bet. Our example shows a loss of 22p.


Free Bet

Value: £20 (4 x £5 free bets, all credited at once)

Recommended odds: 4.5 to 6.5

Open up the oddsmatcher and find a suitable bet.


Once your free bet has been credited, it’s time to earn your profit.

Load up the calculator to input your back and lay odds.

Change the calculator’s bet type from ‘Normal’ to ‘Free Bet (SNR)’.

You’ll now be given the lay stake you need to lay on Smarkets and the amount of profit you will make.

Place your free bets on Coral (you can place all 4 x £5 bets on the same selection) and then lay using the calculator’s figure.

Coral free bet profit calculation

In the example, using odds of 5.25 on Coral and with lay odds of 5.7 on Smarkets, we make £14.66 profit.

Our liability is £70.31, meaning we need this much in our Smarkets account. If you choose lower lay odds, you’ll require a lower balance but will also be likely to make a smaller amount of profit.

Subtracting the qualifying loss from the first bet, which was 22p, we are left with £14.44 profit in the example.

Subtract your own qualifying loss from your free bet profit so you can track your overall profit from the offer.

Consider placing a mug bet before withdrawal if you win at the bookmaker.


Information About Coral

You can change the odds from fractional to decimal really easily by switching in the top-right of the screen.

Coral change to decimal odds

The option is located just above your balance and account information.

Coral have a potentially lucrative VIP scheme so it is worth trying to keep your account in good standing so that one day you can try to qualify for it. You’ll need a bankroll of at least £2,000 to try and qualify, so for most people it will be a future goal. However, these schemes can generate hundreds or even thousands in profit a month on their own, so treat your account with care.

Coral are part of the same company as other big-name bookmaker Ladbrokes.


Now you can move onto another sign-up offer, check out our full list of bookmaker sign-up offers.

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