Recommended Tips for Completing Sign-Up Offers

New to sign-up offers and looking for the best ways to go about things?

I’m sure your biggest concerns are one of the following:

  • You want to do things profitably
  • You want to be efficient
  • You want to make sure you do things correctly
  • You don’t want to get gubbed

Luckily for you, I’ve summarised all of my best tips below for all sign-up offers.

By following these tips, you can make sure you complete your beginner offers quickly, effectively, and in a way that doesn’t make your account stand out in a negative light.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, you may want to check out one (or both) of the following things before continuing:


Oddsmatcher Settings

These are the settings that we suggest you use on the oddsmatcher when completing any sign-up offer.

Recommended oddsmatcher settings

If you are completely new to this, the oddsmatcher is how we always know what to bet on in order to make profit.

We don’t need any knowledge of teams or form because we let software do everything for us. Sign up for the oddsmatcher here.


Football Filter

Limit football filter

Use the ‘Limit Sports’ option to filter by football matches.

Football is the most popular sport to bet on so it helps you to look like a regular punter.


Match Odds Filter

Match odds filter

Use the ‘Limit Markets’ option to filter by match odds.

This means you will be betting on one team to win in a match, or betting on both teams to draw. The ‘match odds’ or ‘match result’ market is by far the most commonly bet-on market in football.


Match Rating

Match rating filter between 85 and 95 percent

Filter the oddsmatcher by 85-95% ratings.

This ‘match filter’ looks at the quality of the match of the back odds and lay odds. For example, if the back and lay odds are both the same, they are a 100% ratings match (assuming 0% commission).

Taking high ratings makes your account stand out a little to the bookmakers’ exchange-monitoring software. So, try not to go too high – although the lower you go, the lower your profit will be.


Back Odds

Back odds filter

Type the minimum back odds for the offer that you’re completing.

You’ll find the odds required in the individual offer instructions for a given bookmaker.

I also recommend setting a maximum odds of around 6.0 so that no silly prices show up and waste your time.


Event Time

Event time filter

Filter results so that nothing further ahead than 2 days time shows up.

Don’t bet on things that are happening in 3+ days time. Regular bettors rarely do this, so you shouldn’t do it with your first bet on an account.


Other Considerations


Limit Bookmakers

Limit bookmakers filter

An obvious inclusion is that you’d want to only filter to the bookmaker you’re looking to bet on. Every search should be filtered to the bookmaker you’re signing up to.


Limit Exchanges

Limit exchanges

Another filter you can apply is to limit the exchanges to the one(s) you use.

However, I usually prefer to show all exchanges.

If you do use all of the exchanges then you can sometimes get a better price.

Also, if a price is available on one exchange, it will usually be very close on another, so if Matchbook is showing a close odds match, you may be able to get something very similar on Smarkets or Betfair.


Popular Games

Always try to bet on popular football matches wherever possible.

You should choose well-known teams and competitions; Premier League matches, Champions League matches, national team matches, or when big teams are playing in the top leagues from Spain, Germany, France or Italy.

You don’t want to be betting on a random youth team based in Azerbaijan as this isn’t common for punters.

After football, consider big-name tennis players. Ideally you want to avoid horse racing unless it’s a big race or festival, as profiting from horse racing is a huge trigger for being gubbed.


Consider Betting More Than the Minimum

Where you need to bet £5 or £10 to trigger a free bet, consider betting £10 or £20 instead. You’ll make a slightly bigger qualifying loss, but it helps your account to not look like an obvious bonus abuser.


Follow Instructions Carefully

When you’re trying to do things as quickly as possible, it’s easy to accidentally make very small mistakes, such as not choosing high enough odds to receive a free bet.

Make sure you take an extra 30 seconds to double check that you’re following offer terms correctly and that you’ve put the right figures into your lay calculator.

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This post was written by Luke Jordan. Luke founded Beating Betting at the start of 2016 and ran the site until February 2020. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and video creation.

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