High Risk Casino Offers: High Risk, High Reward?

So you’ve built up a bit of a bankroll. You might be looking for the next step to increase your profits further. 

This is where high risk casino offers come in. 

Normally we wouldn’t advocate high risk betting systems but this guide will show you how it can be very profitable. 

Not all casino offers are classed as high risk. There are a load of low and no risk offers that bookmakers also promote. 

We would recommend making the most of these before taking on the more riskier options. Especially if you are just getting started with casino offers as it will help you to get into the swing of things. 

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How Do High Risk Casino Offers Work?

These offers are classed as higher risk as the deposit and the withdrawal requirements are both higher. 

High risk casino promotions are usually in the format of offering to double your deposit or offer you a certain percentage bonus. Sometimes there are set numbers that you have to match but for the most part, you are normally allowed to deposit anything up to a set amount.

Although they nearly always come with high wagering requirements. These can range from 25x all the way up to 70x. 

The above offer will take your deposit and give you a 150% bonus up to £150. This means if you deposit £100 they will give you an additional £150

The catch is it carries a wagering requirement of 50x. You will have to wager any winnings 50 times before you can withdraw anything to your bank account. 

To work this out you use the calculation (deposit + bonus) x wagering requirement. 

(100 + 150) x 50 = 12,500

£12,500 will have to be wagered before you can take any money as cash. Money you win can be reinvested into the slots to bring down the requirement. It does not mean that you have to solely invest the money in a new deposit. 

This is why these promotions are considered high risk casino offers. Just because an offer has a high wagering requirement doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. This is why it becomes even more important to choose offers correctly.

High Risk Casino Offers

We have rounded up a few casino offers to show you the kind of offers that are out there. 


  • New UK customers only. 
  • 100% deposit bonus up to £300: Min deposit £10 and 30x wagering requirements apply on bonus
  • Example 1 – deposit £100 and get a £100 bonus, giving you £200 to play with. 


  • Minimum bonus amount is £20 and the maximum is £200.
  • Example 1 –  deposit £50 and get a £100 bonus, giving you £150 to play with.
  • Example 2 – deposit £100 and get a £200 bonus, giving you £300 to play with. 
  • Bonuses must be wagered 35 times. 

Where To Find High Risk Casino Offers

Finding offers is not too difficult. Companies are always trying to show-off and entice you to deposit money. 

Simply searching for your favourite betting brand plus ‘casino offer’ will return a promotion. There are even sites that collate all of the latest casino offers in one place for you. 

However, these sites are actually hoping you lose as that is how they get their commission. 

The difficulty comes in working out which offers are worth completing. 

Only some of the offers will have a positive EV, the others you should avoid. There is a lot that goes into casino offers. 

It’s not just about the deposit and wagering requirements you should be playing the right slot with the correct stake. If you get this wrong it will be negatively affecting your chances of profit.

We know from our experience that it’s worth investing into Profit Maximiser to do this for you. They will assemble all of the latest casino offers from low risk to high risk and the expected value they have. 

This is worked out using a simulator that tests how positive the offer is likely to be. Doing this is about as sophisticated as it gets and represents a massive advantage over the bookies. 

Profit Maximiser is our no.1 recommended product for casino offers and a is something that we continue to use regularly. You can read our review on Profit Maximiser here.

It is particularly important to get it right when completing high risk casino offers. 

What Are The Potential Issues?

Unlike matched betting, there are no guaranteed winners with casino offers. Instead, you are relying on something called variance.

Expected value is exactly that, expected. It is a guide that states when the probability is in your favour. Betting with probability will lead you to win more than you lose. 

This is why variance is a potential issue for some. 

Downswings are part of completing casino offers. It is is very likely that you will go on losing runs. 

Due to this, we advise you to only get into casino offers if you have a larger bankroll. Although there is a better profit with higher risk casino offers there is also a chance of losing more. 

This is why you need the higher bankroll to cover this. 

To avoid this issue you need to try and complete a high number of casino offers as this is what allows you to even out the variance and start to build profit. We are talking about completing hundreds of offers over the course of months. 

During the beginning, your bankroll can dip below your starting point if you hit one of these downswings. By completing this number of offers should mean that by the end of these few months your results will show an overall increase in winnings. 

To do this with a small bankroll is not advisable as you will be spreading it too thinly. 

We also recommend that you only risk a small percentage of your bankroll on each offer. It is a good idea to stick to wagering just 1% of your bankroll. If you have £5000 don’t risk more than £50.

Even if an offer states you can deposit up to £150 for a 100% bonus it is completely acceptable to deposit less. You will still qualify for the bonus and in this scenario, it would be sensible to take this route. 

How Much Money Can You Make?

The expected value for lower risk offers ranges from £3 to £10 as a rough guide. Higher risk offers will likely be £15 plus. 

You have seen how many offers are out there. If you are completing a high number of offers then this is a guide to how much you can expect to be making on average.

Over time your profits should move in an upward trajectory.

While there is the very real possibility of not making money on an offer there is a possibility of striking lucky. We’ve heard of users hitting five-figure sums from very modest spins. 

We do not want to over-sell the glamour of casino offers. For the most part, it is slightly monotonous spinning the slots over and over again. However, you know in the back of your head that a large win is always possible. 

If like us you come from a matched betting background then this does bring a bit of the excitement back to betting. 

It is also a great chance to really boost your earnings. If you regularly complete casino offers with a positive EV then you are setting yourself up to bring home bigger profits. 

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