How to Profit from Price Boosts & Enhanced Odds

Profit from Price Boosts &amp

However the bookies decide to dress it up, better odds equals better profits.

In this guide, we are not only going to show you the best enhanced odds offers available but the strategy to make the most of them.

What are enhanced odds?

Bookmakers are always clamouring to get new customers and entice existing customers to dip their toes back into betting.

One of the ploys they use to encourage people in are offers.

Enhanced odds are, simply, odds that bookmakers have decided to increase to give customers better value. 

How can you refuse an offer?

That’s what they bookies are hoping. They want you to take a punt on an offer that they have chosen to enhance – remember that!

Luckily we’re not looking to gamble. Here at Beating Betting, we’re all about making calculated bets to extract as much money from bookies as possible. 

Enhanced offers are often packaged under slightly different names by bookmakers. 

Traditionally, enhanced odds encompasses a whole host of new customer offers. For this guide, we are going to be focussing on offers that are open to all customers, including existing ones.

Enhanced odds are sometimes referred to as price boosts. All that matters to us is that there is value being offered.

It would be rude not to take it.

Where to Find Enhanced Odds Offers

We will be keeping an eye out for any online enhanced odds offers that are being run.

Often there isn’t too much notice for when these types of offers are going to creep up. 

It’s normally around bigger events that they start appearing. If you go to a betting website on a Saturday and look in the premier league football and horse racing markets you’re likely to find something. 

It helps to sign up to receive promotional emails from bookies. Word of warning – it’s best to set up a new dedicated email. They do like to spam, consider yourself warned! 

In all seriousness, this is a good thing to do. If betting sites are price boosting you can be sure they’re going to tell you about it. 

If you have the spare cash it can also be helpful to sign up to a website like Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator. They will update in real-time with the best offers currently available. The Profit Accumulator forum will make you aware of the better offers that are available regularly. 

How to use enhanced odds

Sky Bet

Sky Bet are one of the best UK bookmakers for running regular enhanced odds offers. 

They call them price boosts and are most commonly run on horse racing and football markets.

If you go to their homepage they will advertise featured offers in a scrolling advert at the top of the page. 

Also, if you scroll to the horse racing market you can see there’s a whopping 25 price boosts on offer.

It’s important to remember that the betting companies choose carefully in which selections they boost. Some odds might even be artificially boosted so choose the offers carefully. All that matters is the exchange odds are lower than the bookmakers.

This is why betting exchanges like Smarkets and Betfair Exchange will become your best friends. 

We will be using the matched betting technique to ensure we take a profit whatever the outcome. 

In the following example, Sky have price boosted Sendacard to 7/4 which is 2.75 in the decimal format. 

Not a massive boost to the 13/8 (2.63) being offered in the regular market but might be enough to give us an advantage. 

Monitoring the exchanges we can see the odds of Sendacard starting to come in as it gets closer to the off.

On Smarkets Sendacard is available to lay at odds of 2.6.

This is good news for us. We want to back high at the bookmakers and lay at a lower price at an exchange. Meaning we have both backed the horse to win and to not win. 

It sounds silly but the difference in odds will now allow us to profit whatever the outcome of the race!

If we use a matched betting calculator it will tell us the lay stake we need to place as well as the potential profit. 

This gives us the instructions we need to place the bets.

Making use of Skybets price boost offer we place a £100 bet on Sendacard to win at 7/4 (2.75).

We then place a £106.59 lay bet at Smarkets at odds of 2.6.

With both bets placed we stand to win £4.46 whatever the outcome!

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot but remember we’re all about making consistent profits. This type of betting is about the closest thing you’ll get to guarantee winnings from the bookies.

Also, there were 25 price boosts available in the horse racing market on Sky Bet alone. You can see if we were to repeat this multiple times the profit would start to add up. 


This is another great bookmaker for price boosts. 

Again, if we look at their homepage we can see the promotional offers scrolling as a banner advert.

Calling it a Betway super-boost they are offering 2/1 (3.0) for Loxley to win. 

If we go to Betfair Exchange we can see that Loxley is available to lay for odds of 2.74.

The process is the same as before…

We go to the matched betting calculator to work out how much to lay.

If we want to stake £50 for Loxley to win at Betway we should place a £55.15 lay bet at Betfair Exchange. 

This locks in a profit of £4.04 irrespective of Loxley winning or not. 

Hopefully, you can see the potential here. By browsing the homepage of a betting website we can pick up great enhanced odds offers. 

We’ve shown you examples from two bookmakers but have a look through and see what else you can find. It’s worth spending an hour a day to see if you can spot any opportunities to make money. 

Once you get the process down it should only take you a few minutes to execute the system. The best thing is that it can be repeated again and again. 

We have focused on horse racing in the above examples because they run daily and the sheer number of races means there’s always value to be found. 

As the weekend arrives, you can be sure that bookmakers will start pushing out price boosts on the football as well, specifically the Premier League.

That’s up to seven days worth of enhanced odds offers!

Enhanced Multiples

You can probably guess but enhanced multiples are doubles, triples and accumulators that have had their odds boosted. 

Where there’s value to be had we won’t be far behind. Let’s take a look and see how to take advantage of enhanced multiple offers. 

Like all the single enhanced odds offers shown above bookmakers also offer a load of enhanced multiples

If you go to a betting exchange and search ‘accumulator’ it will show you the options they have.

The exchanges will often try to match the accumulators that bookmakers put out. This is particularly true for the weekend’s football. 

The enhanced odds betting system is the same technique that we will use for multiples.

If you can lay the accumulator for less odds than you can back it at the bookmaker you are onto a winner. 

This can be limiting because you are relying on the exchanges to put out accumulators that match those of the bookmaker.

However, we can lay the sections individually. 

If we take the above example we can get odds of 10/1 for New York, Houston and Colorado all to win at Sky Bet. 

If we go to Betfair exchange and look at the lay odds for the individual games.

Lay New York City @ 1.5

Lay Houston @ 2.2

Lay Colorado @ 2.3

If we multiply the odds together: 1.5 x 2.2 x 2.3 = 7.59

You can see that the total lay odds are less than the enhanced multiple from sky bet. 

Again, we go to our calculator.

This nets us a profit of £8.48. 

It is important to note that when you are dealing with higher odds, as accumulators often are, the liability in the exchange will also be higher. Make sure that you have the bankroll to cover it. 

It’s a good idea to start with the singles first and build up your bankroll. Then move onto enhanced multiples when you have more money to play with. 

Things to Remember

With the theory in place, there’s a few other things that you should take into consideration before going away and placing your first bets. We’ll run through them here…

Max Bets

Sometimes bookmakers place a limit to the amount you can stake on enhanced odds. This is why we should always place the back bets first. 


If we are making bets on the horse racing market there is a chance that the horse gets withdrawn before the start of the race. To minimise the chances of this we should try and bet closer to the start of the race. You should also check the terms and conditions at each bookmaker on how they settle non-runners. 

Money-Back as Free Bets

In the examples, we have shown you any winnings are paid out as cash. Meaning you are allowed to withdraw the money to your bank account. Some bookmakers might place a stipulation that the winnings are paid out as free bets. 

This isn’t a problem as we can use the same technique to take home the free bets as cash.

Find back bets at the bookies where you can lay the same selection off at less odds. Horse racing provides a great opportunity to make the most of free bets due to the high volume of races.

We then use the matched betting calculator on the free bet ‘SNR’ setting to show us the lay stakes.

It’s more profitable if you stick to odds of 4.0 and above for free bets. 

There you have it.

Follow these enhanced odds betting strategies and watch your bankroll grow and grow.  

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