How to Use Kwiff’s Odds Boosts for Profit

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Kwiff is a bookmaker. They offer odds for sporting events in the same way as the most popular bookies, like Paddy Power and the rest. 

Since 2015, Kwiff has really pushed its name out into the world of sports betting. 

Claiming to offer ‘supercharged odds’ we are going to take a look at exactly what they have to offer and whether there’s profit to be made.

The selling point that is catching everybody’s attention is the chance of bets getting ‘supercharged’. 

This is essentially an enhanced odds offer. For example, if you bet on Liverpool to win at odds of 1.8 this could get boosted to higher odds.

Kwiff claim this could be anywhere from 1.1 times bigger all the way up to 2000 – which is the largest boost they say has been issued.

Remember you still have to win the bet to benefit from these supercharged odds. 

The catch is, not every bet is boosted and you have no way of telling when it will happen. 

How To Use Kwiff

Kwiff is a mobile app that is available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. It is possible to access a desktop version however it is optimised for mobile so they recommend that’s where you access it. 

Signing up is quick and easy to do. Anything you see on Kwiff won’t be too much different from what you are used to from traditional bookmakers. 

Once you are signed up you can start depositing money in your account. It’s easier if you get this ready before you start looking to place your first bet. 

There is a minimum deposit of £5.

If you have any problems when signing up or thereafter Kwiff have live chat support in the app as well as email support. This is one area that Kwiff are really impressive.

Anyone worried about the legitimacy of Kwiff as bookmakers should be reassured. They have been established in the UK market for some time now. 

Kwiff have a 4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot with over 1500 reviews. Their support team is also pretty active on there responding to reviews good and bad which is always a good sign.

As far as we can see Kwiff are prompt with their payments. Users are reporting an average time of three days for a withdrawal to reach their bank account, which is pretty standard. 

There is a great choice of sports to bet on and all the popular markets that you are used to are available. 

Matched Betting With Kwiff

Where there is an offer there is a way to make money and Kwiff is no different.

We’re going to show you how to implement a strategy to make use of the supercharge feature. There is, of course, no guarantee that you will get ‘Kwiffed’ so this strategy will be set up to minimise risk should it not happen. 

To do this it uses the matched betting technique of laying your bets off at a betting exchange like Betfair Exchange or Smarkets

Kwiff aren’t listed on oddsmatchers like Oddsmonkey so you will have to find the bets manually, which isn’t too much trouble. 

We have Smarkets open and our phone next to us so we can compare the odds of each. We want to find bets where the back odds on Kwiff and the lay odds on Smarkets are the same or as close as possible. 

We want to be placing the part of the bet that we think will win in Kwiff. It’s no good if we get supercharged and don’t take advantage of it. 

It is important to note that you can’t lose more than your stake, even if you get boosted. If you bet £20, you will only lose a maximum of £20 on that bet. 

Wolfsburg are available at odds of 1.8 on the Kwiff app. 

Looking at Smarkets we can lay Wolfsburg for 2.06. Although we would like closer odds we are happy with this.

If we input all of the information into a matched betting calculator you can see we stand to lose £1.35 whatever the outcome of the game. 

We do this as we are hoping that Kwiff will decide to supercharge our bet. Boosted to odds of 2.1 or over and we stand to profit if the bet in Kwiff wins. 

Say our bet gets enhanced to odds of 5, we would win £14. You can see how this becomes profitable. While we all wish our bets could get pushed up to crazy odds it’s not really necessary to make a nice bit of profit.

Plus the potential is for bigger odds is still there, although it might be slim.

We’ll discuss some tips for when to bet to receive boosted odds in the next section of the guide. 

How Often Do You Get Kwiffed?

Most users have reported that they get Kwiffed within the first five bets that they place. Usually the first and/or second bet from our experience. 

However, after those first few bets the increased odds are few and far between. Of course, you hear about a supercharged bet every now and then but not frequently. 

Kwiff are a bookmaker at the end of the day. We all know they are out to make as much money as possible. 

This is a really intriguing feature but it is a marketing feature. 

We would recommend that if you are interested in making money from bookies you start with matched betting and complete the sign-up offers. 

After that when you have moved on to the reload offers you could use Kwiff for a few bets and see what happens. 

Make sure you use the Kwiff betting strategy above to minimise losses.

One thing we will say is, waiting in anticipation to see if you’re odds are going to get boosted is good fun. If you have been matched betting for a while you may have missed the feeling of chance. 

If you are happy to take a small qualifying loss then Kwiff betting can be an exciting opportunity to try your luck. 

Set aside a small amount, say £5 – £10, and place a few bets to see how you get on. There is a real chance to get supercharged odds but we recommend placing five bets as this is when the chances seem to be much higher. 

Lower Odds Than Other Bookmakers?

It is true that the odds are generally lower on Kwiff than the majority of bookmakers, particularly the big boys.

For a bit of comparison, we looked at the Premier League outright winner market. Apart from Liverpool, Kwiff is significantly lower than William Hill on the other options. 

Outright winner markets do tend to have difference in odds between bookmakers but Kwiff were consistently lower across the board. 

If you dip into individual markets Kwiff also comes out worse off. In this horse racing match up Kwiff are within odds of 0.2 for the favourite but more as you progress down the field. 

Kwiff Offers

Unfortunately, Kwiff don’t run regular offers in the same way as other bookmakers. This doesn’t really present us with many opportunities as matched bettors. 

They do offer a referral scheme in which people who sign up and place their first bets with Kwiff earn you free bets. 

However they will actually wager the bet for you, £10 will be placed on a random sport and market. 

You have no control over where it placed. Strange! Although, you do get to withdraw any winnings as cash. 

This pretty much sums Kwiff up as a bookmaker. They are intriguing and are looking to break into the highly competitive sports betting market in their own way. 

For that, you can’t really fault them. 

Looking at it from the matched betting perspective it’s worth a whirl but probably shouldn’t be used too regularly. There are better offers to be had, where you can generate profit without the chance.

Try it a few times and see if you can make the most of those supercharged odds. Make sure to lay your bets off at an exchange and you’ll be covered whatever the outcome. 

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