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We are here to offer tips and advice about all areas of matched betting.

It was founded by Luke, who has been matched betting for years, but behind him is a private team that possess some of the finest betting brains in the world.

We believe that they have a wealth of knowledge that is unrivalled on the internet. The private team has many members, and the estimated combined profits total over one million pounds.

This number only escalates further when you include the friends, family members and the thousands of readers that have also joined in from the recommendations and lessons on this site.

If we can explain the process to our parents, we’re sure we can help explain it to you.

If you have any queries about matched betting, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

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About Luke

Luke first heard about matched betting when he was in his very early 20s.

He wrote almost every word on this website and spoke every line in the YouTube videos.

He’s not sure why he’s talking in third person, as he’s even typing this right now. I’m going to stop that and speak normally from here on in.

I remember hearing about the matched betting process for the first time and laughing it off, thinking it was a scam.

Who would have thought that around two years later I would be matched betting full-time and running this site too?! Certainly not me.

I have a background in online marketing and creating informational websites (but nothing too fancy, as you can probably tell!) and of course in betting too, so when I realised there was a lack of good quality information in this space, it seemed like an opportunity to try to help out and put my educational skills to the test.

Well, I like to think that I passed that test, judging by the amount of visitors we get each day and the amount of emails we receive thanking us for the hard work we’ve put in.

The vast majority of websites out there were just looking to make a quick buck – a lot of them still are – so I always wanted to do something different with Beating Betting.

My priority was helping as many people as possible with as high quality information as possible, for free.

This approach gained the site a lot of admirers, and equally a lot of haters too – some people don’t understand that I’m truly in this to help people; to pay forward what was once passed on to me.

It’s for that exact reason that you won’t see any bookmaker affiliate links here on the site – it’s funny, most matched betting sites are still happy to earn an income via people losing money at the bookies and casinos. We only want to help you earn money, and certainly don’t want to be rewarded for those that gamble their winnings away.

I’d love it if you could join me on the YouTube channel; that’s the best place to find me as we expand going forward!


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