We’re delighted to announce that we’ve acquired the cryptocurrency website

Technically, this is not your traditional takeover…because we owned Descryptive the whole time.

After founding Beating Betting in January of 2016 and growing it to a level where it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors, Luke wanted to expand into new areas. In 2018, that area became cryptocurrency.

However, for a range of different reasons, the project never came to fruition.

Luke said:

“It is a shame that we could never really get Descryptive off the ground, but I do still want to educate people in the cryptocurrency space.

“With the gambling industry touted as a big area for blockchain and crypto development, I feel my knowledge and experience is best placed to advise on this crossover.”

You can find our content in this area in our cryptocurrency category.

By far the most popular aspect of Descryptive was its wealth of royalty free images.

Those images are all still available on Flickr right here, and can be used in all media with proper attribution.

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