The New Strategy for Big Bank Matched Bettors

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Fortuneteller VIP scheme


Fortuneteller is a unique VIP system that offers huge bonuses on top of your regular matched betting profits.

Who is Fortuneteller for?

Fortuneteller is absolutely perfect if you: 

  • Have experience with matched betting, arbitrage betting, high-risk casino or similar strategies
  • Are looking for a system that is 'foolproof' and requires minimal effort
  • Have a betting bankroll of at least £5,000
  • Are based in the UK, or have access to similar bookmakers & casinos as UK residents

Fortuneteller is the perfect addition to your membership with one of the following:

Profit Accumulator
Profit Maximiser

If you're already a member of Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator or Profit Maximiser, and you're experienced with laying matched bets, Fortuneteller is something you can't ignore.

What is Fortuneteller?

Fortuneteller is a tax-free strategy and a community of people actively increasing their matched betting profits.

With in-depth written tutorials and a group of members willing to help each other out, Fortuneteller is an absolute bargain at just £19.99-per-month. For most people, the cost of membership for the year will be repaid tens to hundreds of times over.

This system is perfect for those that have an extra 10-15 minutes each day and money in their bankroll to place more bets than they currently place.

The Fortuneteller strategy does not require free bets in order to make profits. 

Gubbed accounts can (and will!) be used when doing this.


I was a matched bettor for 3 years which gave me an easy extra income on top of my regular job and then came Fortuneteller. A total game changer!

David, Essex


This brought my accounts back to life and I even opened up accounts with bookmakers that didn't have any promotional offers as they were no longer needed!

Ashley, London


I have tried many things...these required a lot of time and energy and also led to small results. With Fortuneteller, you can start to see the results within just 1-2 weeks.

Nick, St. Albans

What You'll Receive When You Join:

  • Instant access to the strategy secrets
  • Step-by-step guides to succeeding with Fortuneteller
  • The opportunity to join our exclusive community
  • A variety of unique Fortuneteller perks that non-members do not receive
  • Additional lessons for boosting betting profits
  • Entry to our exclusive competitions & giveaways

*We're legally required to state that there is no specific guarantee of results each month. The amount you can earn will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the size of your bankroll and how much time you commit. Funds at risk.

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