Profit Squirrel Review: Our Honest Thoughts Revealed

Our Honest Thoughts Revealed

Profit Squirrel is one of the newer faces on the matched betting scene.

They’ve gathered a lot of attention in a short space of time, thanks mainly to — what appears to us, at least — their large social media advertising budget.

It can be hard to avoid seeing a Profit Squirrel advert when browsing Facebook at times!

Because of the huge rise in demand for people looking for their service, we thought it would only be fair to our readers to offer an in-depth and unbiased Profit Squirrel review. 

What is Profit Squirrel?

If you are new to matched betting then you may be wondering what their service is all about.

So here are the basics:

Once you learn how to exploit betting offers, which is incredibly easy to pick up in just a couple of days, the hard part then is staying on top of all of the offers and finding suitable bets to place.

This is where Profit Squirrel aim to step in, joining a whole host of matched betting services, by listing the offers that can be completed each day or week and telling you how to make a profit from them.

My initial thoughts when first checking out the site a number of months ago was that the site was incredibly well designed. I would say that – from a purely visual perspective – that the site is definitely one of the nicest out there.

The site uses beautiful imagery and fonts, combined with a bright (but not shockingly bright) orange and light colour scheme. It also has a really quirky name and logo which, at first sight, I was very impressed with.

The next step on my agenda, after browsing a new site to review for the first time, is always to check what it is they’re offering, how they stand out from the competition and what their pricing structure is.

Let’s look at their pricing and the tools they have to offer:


The first thing that struck me was that it was actually quite hard to find the membership prices.

The menu showed no sign of listing their pricing scheme; you could tour their site, read about the company and what they do, read about the basics of matched betting, check out their support, read their blog etc. which all looked well and good but, strangely, I could not see their prices.

I then clicked ‘Join Now’ and you have to put in all of your membership details and click to join before finally being able to see their prices.

I found they charge significantly more for their membership than their competition.

At £24.99 (advertised as being knocked down from a whopping £84.99 a month!) for the monthly option and £198.99 (down from £998.99!) for the annual option, this is a huge increase on what their main rivals in the market charge.

For example, Oddsmonkey, our number one recommended service, charge £15-per-month or £149 for the year. They also have a free trial available here, whereas Profit Squirrel do not offer one.

Profit Maximiser, who only charge an annual fee but have a £1 trial available here, are priced at £97+VAT (£116.40).

This could be being overly critical, but I feel this is a deliberate strategy:

  • They impress you with their really nice site
  • They win you over with their guides & support
  • You join, perhaps thinking it may even be free
  • You then see the paid membership options screen

Do you proceed with the paid membership? Well, you have been impressed with the site so far, so now you have to make a decision.

Well, I wasn’t going to pay without finding out what they have to offer.

However, you can’t actually see what tools they have to offer without clicking to join either.

I understand that sites want more sign-ups, but I believe it should be clear what you’ll be getting from the moment you land on a site.

(NOTE: Upon re-checking the site, I did find their pricing listed near the bottom of their homepage, arguably hidden below an explainer video, tips for how it all works, testimonials, reviews and more).

After seeing their prices, it was vital to look at the tools and products they had to offer.

After all, pricing isn’t everything.

They did have a nice site, so I was hopeful they’d have plenty to offer.

If they had the tools that would help you make an extra £10-£15 per month that their competition didn’t, then the extra investment would be worth it.

Let’s take a look:

Tools & Membership Features


As you would expect with a site like this, there are plenty of tutorials to follow in order to help you to guarantee a profit each month.

The tutorials come in written and video formats which is ideal for helping those that prefer varying methods of learning.

In my opinion, their tutorials are not as detailed as on some of their competitors’ sites, but they would still be suitable for helping you to generate a profit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


As you would expect with a service like this, they have simple software that helps you to find what to bet on with any given bookie.

It is an essential tool for matched bettors, but is Profit Squirrel’s oddsmatcher better better than what the competition offers?

In our opinion it’s a definite no on this one.

Oddsmonkey developed their first version of the oddsmatcher over 5 years ago. In that time they’ve clearly learned a lot and enhanced it with several updates that we believe is unrivalled in the market.


Again, nothing extraordinary here, you would expect a calculator to figure out your lay stakes with any paid service as the majority of free services offer them too – including us!

Profit Tracker

Whilst we use our own spreadsheets to track results, it is a growing trend for services to offer a profit tracker feature and they are admittedly great for beginners.

Profit Squirrel join the likes of Matched Bets in offering easy-to-use profit-tracking functionality on their site.


Because the site is newer and less-established than the ‘big players’ in the market, the forum is definitely a lot quieter. This does unfortunately mean that there is less interaction and support between staff and users in the community style that many matched bettors love.

Push Notifications

This is a nice little idea that the site has introduced to ensure that their users don’t miss out on offers.

By getting real-time notifications straight to your device or computer, it’s much easier to be reminded to get on the offers.

I do like this feature, and I’m sure I would like it more as a complete beginner. I do wish there was a way to filter the notifications by profit – I did end up finding the constant alerts a little annoying when it was for very small amounts of money and ended up turning them off.

Acorn Reward System

Another nice little feature that the site has introduced is a reward system for completing offers and helping other users out on the forum.

This seems like a great way to increase the interaction in their community – there are prizes for reaching certain targets so by helping other users, you’re also helping yourself.

The Verdict

It seems like Profit Squirrel have their ‘squirrel rankings’ and their really nice site design as their only true unique selling points.

This is really unfortunate as with their high price point (charging up to 60% more than their competition), I was expecting a lot of unique features.

However, it’s not only unique features where the site is lacking.

Strangely, the site is actually lacking in software – forget the extras.

There is no accumulator software, no tool for extra places on the horse racing, not even a daily offer calendar – all of these things are offered by some or all of the majority of their competition.

Overall, I am really disappointed by their pricing and the fact that they list the prices as being knocked down from £84.99 (monthly) and £998.99 (yearly) is actually laughable.

Instead, if you’re anywhere from total beginner up to advanced level, I’d recommend you go for Oddsmonkey (free trial here), or opt for PM (£1 trial here) if you’re really experienced and have a large bankroll.

Response from Profit Squirrel

In response to our critical review of their pricing, below is what Community Support Manager, Danny, had to say about their service.

We felt it was appropriate to allow them the chance to respond and explain their decisions, so here’s what they had to say:

“Profit Squirrel focuses on creating the best support targeted at members that are completely new to the entire concept of matched betting. We currently offer:

– Free 121 sessions including screen sharing.
– Live Chat during support hours.
– A dedicated Facebook forum to receive support outside of office hours.

We also provide focused support to beginners by following up with them with a call to see how they are getting on, for example when a member has joined for a few days and is yet to stamp their first profit in their “my stats” section, we would follow up with them to see if we can understand what’s stopping them from profiting fast and get them to overcome their obstacles (as you may know already, placing your first matched bet could feel a bit tricky or daunting) so we know to reach out to them and ask why they haven’t been matched betting. In most cases, it’s because they’re not confident in completing an offer or just don’t understand a topic like horse racing offers so they feel that they can not progress.

Support levels like this leaves a really strong impression on beginner on sites like Trust Pilot are a great way to see how well people view our service.

No one leaves without making a profit – even if we have to hold their hand to complete the first few welcome offers we want to make sure everyone takes as much value from using our premium service.

Profit Squirrel also offers a unique money back guarantee. If anyone fails to make a profit using our service we currently offer a full refund, plus £100 cash. That’s how confident we are in our support service.

And finally, we are aware of the fact our service is currently more expensive. All our efforts go into very high reinvestment levels in order to eventually bring down the price and offer more value to customers.”

If you did want to sign up to Profit Squirrel, you can do so here.

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