MatchedBets Review 2022: Our Honest Review of MatchedBets

Honest Review of MatchedBets

It seems like every other day there is a new company popping up and trying to become the best matched betting site.

The market was slightly saturated a year or two ago…

…And now things are getting completely ridiculous.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks that they can start up a site, copy and paste a few offers and overcharge their customers for less information than they can get for cheaper elsewhere.

One of the newer companies on the scene that DOESN’T seem to fit the types of site mentioned above is MatchedBets.

They appear to be the one site capable of truly competing with the big players in the industry.

But just how good are they, and are they worthy of your hard-earned cash?

We explore all in this honest MatchedBets review.  

Who are MatchedBets?

MatchedBets Logo

In our opinion, MatchedBets appear to be one of the only sites out there capable of mixing it with the big products and services that already exist in the industry.

But this has nothing to do with their current product offering…

In fact, we reached that decision before even writing this post.

This is to do entirely with the business acumen behind the company, along with their plans for the direction they’re heading.

We managed to speak to the owner prior to completing this MatchedBets review.


Every matched betting site out there probably thinks they’re going to be the next big thing.

Unfortunately for those sites; they’re not.

Simple as that.

It feels harsh to say it, but it’s true. We’re hopefully doing people a favour by saying it.


Why do we think the future will be different for MatchedBets?

The owner believes that the site will be “the best, or joint-best, matched betting service by the end of the year.

These are big dreams that we’re sure are shared by many aspiring companies out there – but MatchedBets have real experience behind them to back up the claims:

After owning a large chain of bookmakers for 20+ years and selling up to Coral, the owner moved into the world of online marketing.

After 6 years in the game, he sold one of the biggest betting affiliate sites in the world –

With extremely relevant experience and the financial clout behind them to suit, the future would appear bright for MatchedBets.

But enough about the future…how well are they doing today?

First Impressions

The first thing we look at when reviewing a product is typically the price.

Whilst the price isn’t always reflective of the value on offer, it’s usually a good starting point.

MatchedBets comes in as the cheapest service in the industry that we’ve reviewed so far, with a £14-per-month membership fee and a current limited time offer of £99-per-year membership when you sign up through this link.

When you log in to the members area, this is what you’re first presented with:

MatchedBets First Impressions

To us, things looked a little cluttered and confusing at first.


We soon realised that you can actually hide many of the sections that aren’t appropriate for you.

For example:

There are three beginner guides shown at the top.

Once you’ve read these (or if you already know the information) then you can click the ‘Hide Help Links’ button, and things instantly become less cluttered:

MatchedBets Dashboard

It’s certainly a nicer looking website than the likes of Profit Maximiser, and it has quite an intuitive way of laying out the offer process:

When you click onto an offer, it will give you the tutorial and a link to their matched betting calculator.

As it teaches you how to make the profit, it will track it all for you too.

That’s right:

No need for creating your own spreadsheet!

Their calculator has a number of different options, but the main addition it has when compared to a number of other sites is the ‘Track Bet’ button.

Once you’ve calculated your stakes for the offer that you’re in, you click the tracking button and it will automatically do two things:

  • Change the offer to ‘Open’ and show it on your dashboard if you’re placing a qualifying bet
  • Change the offer to ‘Complete’ and track your profit if you’re using your free bet/completing the offer

This is a really clever feature that could just be improved one step further for maximum efficiency:

We clicked onto the Smarkets new customer offer, which is a betting exchange like Betfair.

The calculator knows this is the offer in question and will track it against it accordingly.


The calculator doesn’t set up in the most optimal or correct way automatically:

MatchedBets calc

If you can’t work out what the above image is showing; the site knows that it’s the Smarkets offer I’m completing, yet sets the bookmaker/exchange combination to include Betfair.

We checked this on other bookmakers and the issue is the same – the field doesn’t automatically update.

This is a very minor gripe and a lot of sites don’t offer this functionality at all. It’s definitely better than it not being there – it could just be ever-so-slightly better.

We just feel that if a feature is going to be offered, it should be as good as it possibly can be.

Still, it’s all easily changed with just a couple of clicks of a mouse.

When you do change the exchange in the calculator dropdown (of which there are 4 main options) it will automatically adjust the lay commission % for you – so there’s no need for you to worry about getting the right percentage if you’re a newcomer and unsure.

Once you do have the correct settings and click ‘Track Bet’ it will pull everything into your dashboard like so:

Open Offers

You then click whether the bet won at the bookmaker or the exchange – one will always be won and one will always be lost.

Once you click ‘Done’, which shows in the picture above where it currently says ‘incomplete’, your profit will be updated in the dashboard.

Profit Dashboard

NOTE: The exact offer above actually requires a little extra manual tracking which we found simple to do. However, the vast majority of the sign-up offers record the profit entirely automatically. This manual tracking is also required for casino, bingo and accumulator refunds. 

The site is definitely going down the route of trying to be more bright and colourful than its competitors.

Typically the industry has lots of plain and simple looking sites and whilst this is definitely effective, it’s good to see a site trying to do things a little differently.

Overall, our first impressions of the company were very good.

The site is visually appealing and the offers are easy to work through. They have detailed instructions to help take any beginner through each step of the process.

We feel the site is very close to having things perfect from the perspective of a beginner matched bettor.

From a design side of things, with us being picky again here, there does seem to be a little bit too much going on in each page sometimes:

The font sizes, styles and colours do change quite a bit, as well as having a variety of other different coloured boxes on each page.

This could work a lot better with just a tiny bit more attention-to-detail, such as with things lining up with each other correctly, or standing out from the background a little better in places:

Misaligned Content

Of course, these things don’t actually make a difference to how much money the site will help you make or how profitable you will become, they’re just minor points that we think could improve the site’s appeal.

Sign up to MatchedBets via this link and get a full access trial for just £1. 

The MatchedBets Service

It’s obvious that the company are putting a lot of their effort into really helping people by any means necessary.

The guides on their site are detailed and all have videos to help you with each step of the betting process.

But this is stuff that other sites do too – so what do MatchedBets offer that is unique?


We really like their ‘Information Centre’.

This is where they list all of their guides in one place; separated and ordered in different sections:

Betting Information Centre

Above is just a snapshot of what they have on offer in the information centre, and it’s mainly stuff that will take you from beginner matched bettor to an experienced one in as quick of a time as possible.

As well as providing written and video guides for a large number of offers, they also have email support that runs from 8am until late at night. This has no set time for finish in the evening, but seems to depend on demand – if demand is high, they’ll keep answering questions.

In addition to the above, they also have Live Chat which is available on almost every page on their site, which is available during the same hours as the email support.

The Live Chat feature is there for those that need a quicker response – some people can’t wait for an email reply because they may have pressing issues that need resolving as soon as possible, and MatchedBets understand that.

Finally, they also have a forum, meaning you can interact with – and get advice from – other matched bettors.

At the time of writing this, their forum does appear a little on the quiet side.

However, with the investment in quality that they’re putting into the site, you’d expect this to get busier as time goes on and their member numbers increase.

Accumulator Tool

Acca backers

One of the main selling points of MatchedBets is their accumulator tool – giving you the ability to generate profits via accumulators.

This is something offered by a number of their competitors so is nothing new, although it is included in the subscription fee rather than being an additional cost – something that can’t be said by all sites.

They certainly seem to provide something unique with their ‘Acca Backer’ tool in how easy it is to use and the functionality it provides:

There are four main profit methods; laying each match one-by-one (lay sequential), laying all of the matches at the start (lay at start), making a guaranteed profit per accumulator (lock in) and the higher-risk ‘no lay’ option.

Unlike other sites, it will actually show you the accas for different methods all in the same place – this allows you to always find bets of the highest profit value. However, you do still have the option to filter to a single method if you wish.

Acca Backer doesn’t show you any -EV (non-profitable) accumulators, and it also filters out any selections that don’t meet a bookmaker’s criteria – which varies from site to site.

The tool actually allows for less offers than its competitors, but focuses on making sure they’re the best selections that actually meet the bookie’s T&Cs, rather than just providing as many as possible.

You are able to swap certain legs out for different ones if you wish, giving you the option to either fly through them quickly or customise them if have a reason to.

The mobile-friendly tool, which is great for those wanting to place more bets whilst they’re away from the computer, ties in to their profit tracking tool too.

This means that all of your open accumulators are shown in the dashboard, and the profit will be tracked (with a small bit of manual work) once they’re complete.

There is also the option to mix horses into the accumulators where applicable – something no other site currently offers. We’re not sure how often we’d actually be using this feature, but it’s at least something unique that may suit your needs.

Does this all sound a bit confusing?

Acca profits are not for complete beginners, so don’t worry!

You’ll pick it all up in no time. 

Our thoughts for this tool are much the same as the rest of their service; with a little more attention to detail on the design front, this would be extremely good.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Sign up to MatchedBets via this link and get annual membership for £69 cheaper than paying monthly.

Casino & Bingo Offers

There are a really good number of casino and bingo offers on the MatchedBets site.

The vast majority of these are low-risk offers, meaning they offer a fairly competitive offering versus the likes of PA and OM.

They are definitely tailored towards those looking to potentially make a small bit of extra income alongside their sports bets, with the small possibility of hitting a big win too.

There’s also no real fear of losing a large amount of money due to the type of offers they select.

Some higher-risk offers that advanced matched bettors complete can potentially lead you to short-term losses, so MatchedBets’ casino offering definitely seem a good option if this worries you.

Conclusion: Our Final Thoughts

We firmly believe what we said at the start of this review:

MatchedBets will likely be one of the biggest services around when it comes to the bonus hunting industry.

We think they’ve got a couple of areas to improve on:

It would be nice if they had a greater set of tools available – although we believe this will come given time.

There are also a few small minor issues with design that could be ironed out without too much hassle, although these don’t particularly affect your experience as a user.

However, for the price (£14 per month or £99 per year, both available by signing up here) they’re offering a really good value service.

We have given them a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

We could absolutely recommend them for anyone at a beginner level; you will learn a hell of a lot from them and make some good money whilst doing it – guaranteed.

Our wish is that they’d join forces with their sister site Profit Squad so that they could offer a complete service to all users, rather than having two sites targeting different ability levels (and requiring two memberships).

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    Which one do you recommended good for me? Because reading both reviews only make me confused and don’t know which one to go.

    1. Luke says:

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