College Football NCAAF Betting Tips

How to Bet Profitably on College American Football: NCAAF Betting Tips

Who doesn’t like unpredictable games, high-octane offences, and smash-mouth sports?

It is no wonder that college American football has gained a cult-like following.

Deep rooted in traditions and bitter rivalries, die-hard fans from all around the world go the extra mile to watch and root for their favourite teams.

Often labeled as the purest form of the sport due to college players being forbidden to play under contracts, emotion and passion drive fans in droves to watch and bet on this sport.

College American football is insanely popular: how many sports do you know that is televised at college level?

Ask yourself: do you have what it takes to thrive among this passionate bunch?

The answer should be a resounding “YES!”, and if it’s not, it will be after reading this NCAAF betting tips guide.

I can understand if you are a bit tentative when betting on a sport that is often as unpredictable as the weather.

You may ask – with a seemingly endless number of conferences, each with dozens of teams, where do I begin?

We will ease your worries one step at a time – first, master the basic principles, then gather the necessary intel, and finally develop a betting strategy to grow your bank account in the long-term. (more…)

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NFL Betting Tips: American Football Betting Tips

How to Bet on the NFL (Profitably!)

The National Football League (NFL) is the most highly bet league in North American sports.

With many factors coming into play, it may seem a bit overwhelming for the beginner bettor or a bettor new to American football.

It is one of the most unpredictable leagues in world sports, every season is rife with unexpected twists and turns; free agent signings don’t always go as planned, injuries spring forth when least expected, and unanticipated talents emerge into superstars.

However, there is hope:

With a little bit of dedication, time, effort, and these NFL betting tips, you could soon see an uptick in your winning percentage.

Determine the best type of bet for you, gather crucial information, watch the games, enjoy yourself, but most importantly – try to make extra cash. (more…)

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